How Much Do You Know About Your Business Cycle?

Last Update: September 12, 2018

Business Life Cycle Versus Plant Life Cycle

The way I see the growth of my Internet business is similar to the way I understand a plant life cycle. Let’s take an apple tree for example. The apple trees analogue perfectly resembles an internet business.

In as much as I may want to eat the apples today, I have no choice but to wait patiently until the growth life cycle is complete. So, having PATIENCE is key.

Meanwhile, I need to do all it takes to make sure the seed I have planted grows. And also reaches its maturity stage for it to bear fruits. How do I achieve this? By nurturing the apple tree, watering it and protecting the plant to make sure nothing breaks its branches.

In the same way an apple tree goes through the stages of its life cycle: spreading seeds; germination; growth and reproduction, my internet business also travels along a similar route:niche finding; website creating; getting site SEO ready; content writing followed by more and content writing. Finally, monetizing content.

I'm just sharing to encourage someone and that includes myself. It seems I have found myself a new niche I may venture into in the future. That is, the niche of encouragement but it sounds too broad. I will see how it goes!

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Scotso11 Premium
Great way to look at it! I agree 100% you simply need to be patient, nurture what you have created and allow it to grow! Very well said! Good luck and much success to you always!
ZEGU Premium
Thank you, Scot, for wishing me good luck.
I am continuing to nurture and refine my business while waiting for the right time. All the best to you too!
kpercival55 Premium
Thanks Zegu, that’s a great analogy.
Be proud of what you have done, it only gets better. And you have a whole community of people who are willing to help.
All the best.
ZEGU Premium
Thanks, Kyle, that is encouraging!
All the best for your projects as well.
ElaineSmith1 Premium
Hey Euphemia,
Sounds like something you would be good at.

Tried and True

ZEGU Premium
Hello, Elaine, thanks for the encouragement.
Indeed tried and true.
MKearns Premium
It's a matter of melding growth + harvest!
ZEGU Premium
Thanks, Mike, yes you can say that again. A combination of those two has a happy ending.
EandS2018 Premium
Hello .

We really appreciate this analogy , there are the needed steps that you mentioned that have to occur , it’s that simple , not always easy lol, but the system here at WA works .
Elaine and Scarlett
ZEGU Premium
Thanks, Elaine and Scarlett, I agree with you, the hard work pays off in the end.