Little Progress Continute; Disasters Continue

Last Update: Sep 28, 2019

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Thought things were back on track. My family returned and my car got fixed. I needed a new radiator. We went to another grand"s wedding on the weekend and had a great weekend. Then it started again.

As soon as we got back home the 15 year old was sick again and missed another day of school. Someone at the wedding had a cold or virus and he caught it and has been ill for a few days. After we got back from a 200 mile drive, we got a call that my sister's husband fell and hit his head on the bathtub, which is a problem for him because he is on anticoagulants or blood thinners. He ended up going to the hospital and did get good results. He had a CAT scan and all was good.

Wed night, we got a call at 2:30 AM that my sister was on her way to the hospital via ambulance. She had a heart attack. Thought she was doing ok, when a catheterization showed that 3 artieries were clogged and she needed open heart surgery. The problem is that she had a liver transplant a couple of years ago and she has a blood disorder and they can't do open heart surgery because of this. Today I was told that she is being transported to Mass General for another opinion and to see what alternatives they have.

Anyway, it just goes on and on. Needless to say I still have not gotten much done and I am exhausted from all of this. I still want to continue with this, but It is going to be a little while. I have not met much of the challenge for this month. I hope I can catch up.

I do have one good thing, I guess. I was indexed by google for two more posts. That is it for now.

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Try to cope it's a difficult situation. Be strong for others.

I know, but it gets harder and harder. Thanks.

Life is a story of up and won and bad and good. But mostly if you just wait patiently everything is going to be alright.


Things will get better!

Thank you. I hope so.

Yikes! That's a whole lot going on. Life is certainly what happens when you'e doing other things. Hope things settle down soon and your sister recovers quickly.

Thanks. I hope so. I sure hope she is going to be ok.

Hope you have a better time with your family.

Thank you.

Hang in. Things will get better

I sure hope so. Thanks.

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