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I know I have been gone for sometime now. My life has continued to be a disaster and my whole being has been involved in the disasters. I just haven't had the energy or desire to do much of everything. Every time I think life is getting back to normal, something else happens. 2019 has been a horrible year for our family. I can only hope that this new year will get better.I thought I was doing so well with my site. I had more traffic and my ranking with WA was great, but now I have no traf
Hopefully things are returning to normal. My sister finally returned home this weekend after a six week ordeal. Now I am trying to get back in the groove, which is not easy. Not only is the time that Kyle says many people experience fatigue in the business world, I am still exhausted from all the family has been through. It is, also, hard to pick back up when it has been so long since working full steam ahead. I had written a post that I thought was pretty good and hit something that made
Two weeks ago I got a call that my sister was having open heart surgery at Mass General in Boston. When I got there I was told that it was cancelled until the next day. Finally on Saturday they did it. Of course she was in intensive care and then went to a step down unit. She did quite well and was transfered to a rehab hospital on Thursday.However, it was too soon and she ended up at Mass General again the next day. She was there until yesterday and is now in a rehab facility again. Stil
I came up with a revelation recently. I think I have an issue regarding trust. I thought about it more and more over the past week when during the time when we were discussing what my sister should do about treatment for her cardiac condition. Every time something was discussed I was very skeptical. I had to have every detail and every pro and con for whatever they were suggesting.I realized that I do that with my own doctor. I never agree to anything or any medication that he suggests unl
Thought things were back on track. My family returned and my car got fixed. I needed a new radiator. We went to another grand"s wedding on the weekend and had a great weekend. Then it started again.As soon as we got back home the 15 year old was sick again and missed another day of school. Someone at the wedding had a cold or virus and he caught it and has been ill for a few days. After we got back from a 200 mile drive, we got a call that my sister's husband fell and hit his head on the
It seems like every time I try to do something this month something happens. I just can't seem to get moving. Sometimes it is my fault and other times it is not. Things just keep happening.Yesterday just about "done me in", so to speak. I finally got ready to start writing or doing something for this month, when I had major issues with my website. When I clicked on my site I was in the edit mode for my posts, but I could not get into my posts when I clicked on view site. I tried and tried
For awhile this month I thought it was going well. I was really excited when I was notified that three of my articles had been indexed by Google. Even though I am not sure exactly what this means, but I know it is a positvie thing. I was really happy and excited. Then I got notified that one of my comments on comment site was disapproved. Since then I have done nothing on the challenge.My ego is very fragile at this point and this was all it took. I just don't know whether to continue to
I have spent most of my time updating last months 12 articles. I added images as well to all of them. I did write one new one yesterday and updated it and added images today. Plan on writing another tonight.I tried using the site content template for this last one, but had all kinds of difficulty with it. I accidently published it before I was finished. I went back to finish it and was able to do so, but then I could not update it. There was a publish button, but when I tried to click on
Well, the first month is just about over. I am having some difficulties with communicating on the chat line and helping others, but I will continue to work on this. I, also, have not written a weekly blog. This I will try to do next month to improve my communication with WA.I have written the 12 content blogs with 1000-1200 words in them. Sometimes I have difficulting expounding, but will continue to work on this, too. I do have to refine some of them which I will do. I need to add images
Beginning Blog I have never written a blog to go on Wealthy Affiliate Blog. I am so afraid of making a mistake. I am never quite sure of what I am doing on the computer. After all of these years, I still am pretty computer illiterate. I am trying, however, and do want to succeed in this challenge. Anyway, I want to tell you a little about what I have done here so far.My LogoEaster weekend I went to visiting my family about 200 miles from where I live. One of my relatives is a graphic arti