Premium Plus: I Was Itching to Upgrade, and I Finally Did!

Last Update: November 27, 2021

It's been a long while since I posted in WA. Frankly, wasn't really active here. Thought I'd publish a post for the records purposes and to say hi to fellow WA'ers 👋

Becoming a Premium Plus member:

For whatever reasons I didn't upgrade to Premium Plus last year, but I've been seeing those expert webinars/trailers and was itching to watch them lol. So it was on the back of my mind that perhaps I should eventually upgrade...

This year I decided to take advantage of the Black Friday deal and upgraded to Premium+.

Wohooooo! Finally I can watch those expert classes haha.

Now I have a reason to check WA more often, specifically to learn more, and gain more insights on how I can build systems and scale my business.

I've watched a couple classes already, and I'm lovin' it! Thanks to Kyle, Carson, Jay, and super WA experts who are working together to make the community even better :)

My 6 Year WA-nniversary:

In September 2021, it was my 6 years as a Wealthy Affiliate member. It's amazing to see that WA keeps getting better and better every year, and there's always somethingor someone I can learn from and grow.

I didn't write a post this year, but I do have a 5 year anniversary and my journey that you can read here. (I enjoyed reading it myself a year later LOL. Oh, how far I've come!)

Now, I'd like to hear from YOU...

How've you been? How was your experience with PP? Hope you guys are doing well and your business is thriving. Share your recent milestones in the comments below :)

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Dougie-Smith Premium
Congratulations Z.
I also decided to upgrade to yearly premium this year.
The past two years BF deals nipped funds away from me at the last minute and I was so disappointed I couldn't take advantage but I was determined to succeed this year and I made it happen.
So pleased.
Onwards and upwards Zarina 👌
delroy2222 Premium
Congratulations Dougie on upgrading to yearly premium.
Best wishes,

BobMargroff Premium Plus
Hi Zarina, join the club. I did it as well and could not be happier. I know I won't regret it and look forward to being able to watch the 200+ expert classes.

I just hope I will still be able to afford it next year. I just could not pass it up this year.

I wish you well!!

etseil20 Premium Plus
Hi Zarina,

Oh yes! Kudos to you on upgrading to premium plus.

I think you’re going to like what you get out of the PP membership. I was trying it out the past few months, and I’ll be upgrading to the discounted yearly membership shortly.

I like PP- it’s useful to get the additional classes and resources. There’s a lot of value for sure.

Hope you’re doing well! Your past success inspired me early on, so I enjoy reading your posts.

Nice hearing from you. We’ll talk soon :)

All the best,

tommo1968 Premium Plus
Zarina do the math, :-) Jaaxy Enterprise is $99 per month. Plus you got 200 credits and access to all the extras at WA. PP last year was a superb deal. Now it's got even better, glad you decided to get on board. There is not enough time to go through all the classes and training. I need two of me. :-)
Zarina Premium Plus
200 WA credits? I don't think I got them. Definitely would use them for comments haha. And I realized why I never joined last year, it was about $800 for a brand new membership that I didn't know what to expect from it. This year, seeing all those webinars, I was too itchy to upgrade hahaha. Thanks for encouraging me to try it out!
MelWaller Premium Plus
Congrats Zarina!

Zarina Premium Plus
Thanks, Mel!
MelWaller Premium Plus
You are most welcome Zarina!