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Last Update: July 02, 2015

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I'm after a bit of advice about my site - and affiliate banners.

I'm at the stage to start adding affiliate banners, I have a few subtle affiliate links here and there but I now need to start displaying something prominent.

So, I have a couple of questions for established and successful site owners who have a bit of experience of banners/reviews....

1) Do I put affiliate banners on posts and pages or do I somehow put them in the right hand column of my website which just shows 5 blogs/articles at the top and the rest is blank - if so... how could I do this with the Encounters Lite theme?

2) I'm at a point now where I can start doing singular reviews where I can attach affiliate links and banners - would you do these as posts/blogs or pages under a specific menu category given that my site has a static front page and blogs are only seen at the side?

Any advice would help!



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darrellw Premium
I like what you have done. I'm not a big fan of banners. All that I would do is put WA banner in your side bar. Your website really does look good. I'm afraid that banners would cheapen it's appearance.

Concentrate on content, and utilize links.

Good job
Theresaw90 Premium
Congrats on the progress that you have made thus far. Take Kathy's advice and I'm sure your banners will look great!
Yoyo345 Premium
Thanks guys, it's always good to get some feedback!
Kathy331 Premium
This should help, and Kyle is certainly an expert!
annahpt Premium
Awesome Kathy. Sammi couldn't get better advice! I barely started building my first website ever and I am not very advanced into my training but it is very encouraging to see that advice and information is flying around here like fireworks sparkles. This is truly an amazing community! Thank you for being here.
Kathy331 Premium
Always good training here Anna and I'm happy to be able to pass it on!
fricknwill Premium
Yes to all. If you have a review about a product put the banner or link in the post. I do that but WA is my main thing so I put them in the side bar. Review link in post. Your big thing or adsense in side bar.

I like posts. Then put the posts in categories. I also like to display my last 20 posts on my site in the recent posts widget.

It really is up to how you feel though. All are good. See what you like by visiting others in your niche and see what works.