YEAH !I upgraded! On my way from "look for my job" to "look for my business"

Last Update: November 08, 2019

From "look for my job" to "look for my business opportunity" is a mindset transition that I've been trying to cultivate for longtime, unfortunately with no much results to show for.

I want to see the future with a different perspective with all it entails.
I'm willing to dive into this opportunity (Affiliate Marketing) and give it my best shot.

I am in fact tired of been tired!
I just need to go for a SLDT Entrepreneurship experience which is in fact a never ended cycle.


-> I have my eyes on something I did not know before


-> I make research and start learning new skillsets


-> I apply the skillsets and become better


-> I share with others and learn while doing so

I definitely want to escape the safe sanctuary path called job (J-O-B).

Can I count on your help WA family? Anyway thanks for letting me venting myself.

Since you stop by I will welcome anything from you!



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klchang Premium
Welcome, Jimmy, to Wealthy Affiliate.
Bravo for going premium. It shows that you are committed to your online business. You have made a wise decision … great … keep going. I believe you have gone through some of the training. Why not go through the rest when you are ready? All the best and happy learning.
yoseizi Premium
Thanks a lot for the advice!
bonzo124 Premium
Congrats for upgrading to premium! Of course, you can count on the community when you need help. All the best!