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December 25, 2019
It's Time to WinMy motto is : "The Time is Always Now".Seriously I've been through so many storms that I woke up this morning kind of angry and feeling the needs to make some positive declarations over my life.I'm not complaining because things could have been worse. My wallet is empty but I'm really thankfull for my health and my family health.Life is a fight. It's not, was not and will never be easy; I mean in everything. Sometimes the lack of money is not the issue...something else is. I
I was really surprised when I saw the below popup screen on my PC. I was thinking it's probably for the WA affiliate profile I was on.I switched quickly to the Site Manager and saw that Google has indexed my site.I understood this might be a big deal. I felt excited.I believe I haven't done much though because I'm still on the beginning stage.So many things are rushing to my head. (I guess it's a newbie thing. I had built websites before but I was not following any index or stats until I got he
YES! I just completed Level 1 Certification! A minute of celebration please! I know I'm not the fast rabbit around but the slow turtle! Celebration for what? yes for the perspectives ahead. Just following the well thought and well organized level 1 training I'm "smelling" like an expert already in the online realm.Guess what! I started to climb then stumbled on the niche roadblock. My wheels started to spin in place. But as always there is a hand pulling you up when you take a glimpse at the
The situationWhether you are working a 9 to 5 or a part-time job this situation may come up more than once. It could happen in the breakroom, in the parking lot doing carpool or at lunch in a restaurant. Conversation takes place when 2 or 3 are gathered of course. With coworkers it will usually shift rapidly to a popular topic like sports, movies, video games. It may last the whole break or split between two subjects. If you are not fully engaged in the discussions you may feel awkward!The con
From "look for my job" to "look for my business opportunity" is a mindset transition that I've been trying to cultivate for longtime, unfortunately with no much results to show for.I want to see the future with a different perspective with all it entails.I'm willing to dive into this opportunity (Affiliate Marketing) and give it my best shot. I am in fact tired of been tired!I just need to go for a SLDT Entrepreneurship experience which is in fact a never ended cycle.See -> I h