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Last Update: December 31, 2013

Hi all, I just want to share to you all a new year message. I just saw a nice movie called Batteries not included.

It was a nice, fun and entertaining as family can sit down together and watch it all over again. Why this movie is significant as New Year Message? Just listen to the story plot.

The movie is set in the late 80's when there is boom in development. Old houses have to go to make way to larger, classier buildings. There is a certain shop, a diner cafe which was built in the 50's was hindering their development.

Rich people hire thugs to persuade them to move out. When their plead was not received well, they began to use forceful means.

The old couple, Riley's knew their business was very slow and the building was in a shabby condition. But they refuse to bulge. Poor Mr Riley's. He cried for help and one night help really came. It started as 2 flying bots that always have a knack of fixing things. And not long after, all the tenants in the building discovered that all of they precious mementos have been restored to minted condition.

Mr Lacey, the evil, heartless man took the easy and cruel way out to resolve the problem. He hired a professional arsonist to set fire on the building. The fire did the job and burn down the building into smouldering pile of rumble.

When it really looked bleak for the Riley's and the tenants, the helpful UFO's came will all their other buddies as well. The next day, as though like magic, the whole people in the block was amazed that the building was fully restored like its glorious past. Like the American saying, if you cannot beat them, you join them. So no demolition was ordered to the restored cafe.

How this story is related to us? Well, I would say in our lives are just like buildings. Sometimes it gets worn out and need to be torn down. Don't worry about the problems that we face daily. Who has no problems? Only people who live six feet under are problem free. Forget about your "I should have", "I could have", "I would have" wishes. Just tear down all the sadness and guilt and rebuild it with patience and perseverance and you will all get there. Re-write all your new year resolution. Start it will a clean slate. Happy New Year Everybody and God Bless Everyone of us.

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judebanks Premium
Hi John, for all we know people who live six feet under may have more problems than we I liked the story and your analogy.

You are right though, the end of one year and the beginning of the next is always a good time to think about renewal and restoration.

Best wishes for a safe, healthy and prosperous 2014. ~ Jude
yeohyc747 Premium
Yup, God bless. Have a blast in 2014