Don’t you dare quit!

Last Update: Oct 1, 2014


Hey Team and New Followers,

Don’t you dare quit or give up on WA just yet, my son who is disabled told me something valuable he said now you don’t have what you want “YET” but you will don’t quit.SO I’m encouraging anyone who been around awhile or new like me DON’T YOU DARE QUIT!

There is a wealth of stuff to sort through at WA 1000’s of things to read and take the time to read the blogs by those you want following you. Don’t just add people because the numbers look nice really be supportive of them ask for help while the time to ask without that membership. Don’t get discouraged remember if we didn’t contribute we wouldn’t have great people walking us through showing us the ropes because they already been through where we are right now.

Everything great you know as I take time and patience and yes a little out the pocket here and again but as you refer people look at it as a investment into getting you where you desire to be while helping them reach their dreams.

It’s been almost a year come Thanksgiving Day Nov 28, 2013 for several days I had this really nasty headache I finally told a family friend hey we’re making a detour and landed in the ER.I got there on the 27th after being there for hours and they said they done 4 CT Scans I only remember “ONE” and trust me when I say ONE because I was not that out of it just my head hurt. I finally went home they gave me a sheet about different types of headaches. Uh huh! So I drove home got in bed still feeling lousy. About 5am CST I woke my daughter up asked her to drive me to this bigger hospital I got in there now I really don’t remember much or going to any CT SCAN for “REAL” I remember two people helped me go into the building in a wheelchair, putting my wrist through to get a ID band the rest is a blank.

She told me I went to the CT they came back said it’s not good there is bleeding on the brain they took me right to ICU I stayed for a few hours till they flew me to a different place after three teams of surgeons and over 8 hours they removed a brain tumor benign I went from the 1st floor ICU to the 6th floor ICU and after 9 days in ICU I went directly home on Dec 6, 2013. God is Good all the time.

Setbacks aren’t the end of where you are headed its merely a STEPPING STONE to where you desire to go or be. It’s not only up to WA to make you a success you have to commit to work hard every day read a little more watch a video replay it over and over till you understand it it’ll happen in due season if you stay with them. Don’t get frustrated you can do this but you have to believe in what you have to say and offer. You need what others need and they need what you know together this is a community of a bunch of helping hands from all over the world. You got help 24/7 365 days a year. There are no dumb questions as they said in the video except the ones never asked. If you still didn’t feel one person was hitting it out the ballpark to get you on your way keep asking till someone clarify it make it plain.

If you set a goal you need a faith extender to meet your goal(s) find a picture of whatever it is put it in your face like the fridge, bathroom mirror, bedroom wall something so you know I can too do this,If you are with me on this you are following me I consider us a TEAM we build up we encourage everybody we are not quitters we need someone to show the way be the way lead the way but DON’T You DARE QUIT!

If you’re with me I’ll be with you so let’s go team go! Its Joyous Wednesday Let’s do it together.We just paid our t $19 because we want to continue to having a wealth of information at our finger tips will you join us? Have a blessed evening.


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very inspiring thanks for motivation boost

I love your "Never Give Up" mindset! Glad you're better now!

Oh yeah I'm still laying down fibromyalgia is kicking like no tomorrow thats why my daughter keeps working I stay at the house and do all the paperwork, ordering and when she come in she gets a chance to read over WA or watch the current video with me

I hear ya! I have lupus, RA and fibro. I know about your arse being kicked. Get some rest!

I stay on the bed most of the day need to be in a reclining position tried everything but I'm allergic to most of the junk they make cause it has sulfer in it or other harmful stuff.Tried lyrica but gabepentin works a little my sister has lupus.I tried sock therapy and the swimming pool the hospital sent me.All I need is my power chair.But I did walk to 7-11 for the first time with my 4-wheeled walker so me and my daughter could sign up for full memenership today to get all the benefits WA has to offer

Great progess! I can't take any of the drugs either. UGH

Ditto :)

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