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Last Update: Oct 10, 2014


Bounce Energy (available in NY, PA and TX only )

Sign Up Today by Creating Your Own Plan. It's That Simple, Fast and Easy. And It's All Yours. Customize your own rate to see your savings!

Power to choose is cool, yes. But POWER TO CREATE is better! With Bounce Energy you get to create your own electricity plan. One that fits your needs exactly and one you can call your own. Choose your plan length, green energy percentage, billing options, and rewards programs while watching your rate change based on your selections. Plus, customize today and get your choice of a $25 bill credit, $25 VISA gift card, or a $50 gift card.

Texas has deregulated electricity service with the power to choose. I been with this company almost 6 years now and through the power of referrals I haven't paid much of a bill since.Currently we pay under $0.7 cent per kwh compared to when we started it was like $0.12 cents a kwh

The other added upside is I get to pick my own billing date according to when I get paid so I'm always on time pretty neat right ? It works out great for me and my family.If you currently live in TX with exisitng electric service it;s free to start NO DESPOSIT !!!!!

Go Mean Green! Start your own Renewable Energy Certificate Today for $5/month We support cleaner air,

STEP 1What is your address?

Standard Electronic Facts Label
Average Energy Charge reflects average annual usage of 2,000 kWh/month. Please see the Electricity Facts Label for other pricing information.

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I think it will be a long time before you see it up here in Maine even though it would benefit them highly they still have oil burners and hardly no central heat and air all the best

Hi Max, Direct Energy bought Bounce back in 2013, about the closest to Maine is Conn,(parts of Canada) NJ, NY, PA, Washington DC, Maryland.

Then moving away Direct energy services Michigan,Mass,Chicago, Columbus, Ohio, Alabama,KY, Oklahoma,TX, and North Carolina
What I'm trying to research is Direct bought out Bounce as I learned in college they gave them the option to retain the use of their name as a merger to Direct i.e which is why Direct is able to offer service in the direct market of those other cities and the fact of deregulations allowing residents to select whatever electric provider they want.The draw back is the cost of delivery fees by the provider to give you the power.Where I live its in TXU's neck of the woods serviced under Oncor.

If there are disabled people who rely on the use of medical conditions like me and my son Bounce has a "critical care" application once the doctor completes it fax/mail it back.In the event of power failure they know to get to you 1st in line even if the rest of the block is still without power so its a added plus oxygen back up machine or breathing devices its nice to know we don't have to wait long periods of time under a hour once.

I will do some more digging with you so close to Canada I would think they might service Conn. by way of the Canadia boarder.Thank for reading our post.Its getting ready to storm here for two whole days and 20% Sunday.Got to go roll up the windows.

I like your call to action. You offer a reward as an incentive and explain why taking action is beneficial to them. Very good.

thanks, now all I have to do is find out what they offer in the other two but its pretty basic I just have to add the toll free number then they can either call it or click on the what's your address it will ask the zip code and should take them to their own state,thanks so much for your comment and review.

Hi Dee. When I started following you earlier this week, I checked out your webpage. I was disappointed that they don't have the program in more states yet. Arizona is my state.
I however have a cousin who lives in Texas and I know few people in NY who might benefit from this program. I can pass the word on. Blessings Dee. Hope you are feeling better.

Hi Zora yeah they're adding then when they first stated all they covered was Texas but she said they were working on a few more I think LA was one because its so close to TX.They are based out of Houston,TX for us Texas folks.I appreciate it.For my reward I picked American Airlines because they will give me 1 point on my flyer miles for every $1 I paid on my bill IF I pay it on time.

IF my eyeball, I have so much referal credit built up I haven't paid a bill out my pocket since like March 2014. I don't even have a bill to pay until probably Janaury 2015 that's Awesome!!! Thanks to the review I'm going to try to edit it this weekend got to take some test at school first well we both have some due by Sunday.If you family were to join then they can start referring people they know and save too.I have family up on NY,OH

Okay tell me what y'all think so I can revise my free site I need to move it to free pages offered by WordPress because this siterubix just is not working too hot for me.I've seen much better page other WA members created and this definitely deserve better.By changing as well it will allow me to edit in photos.Oh but wait till the second page is done it is awesome (well I think so lol)

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