Seeking The Path

Last Update: December 05, 2018

The first thought You had was Yes, I want to do this. Was It your thought or was it a shared thought. You said to your self I can do this or We can do this. With the right training, with the right motivation and determination, it certainly can be (achieved) done.

You have made your decision to go forward with your desire, to do it till it's done. Starting your adventure (journey) one step at a time. If You don't know the next step (climbing) or the next (learning) lesson, your team will have your back, if You have lost your focus.

It's the steps You take along the way at your own speed of focusing and learning the correct moving forward engagement towards your Goal. Learning is so self rewarding so, just do it.

The distance to the next level is in your sites. Look at your next step. Take your next step and remember how You performed that step. If there is something needed to be shared with the group, then let them know, to make their journey more understandable and enjoyable moving along the path.

It's not a race to the top, as it is learning all the moves to get to the top, without falling or slipping back down the trail. Although this would certainly be a learning experience, that would make an individual concentrate and refocus on the task ahead.

Sure it's a long haul on the climb up the hill and probably filled with anxious moments. But aren't endevours to challenge oneself worth doing. The reward of accomplishment is in ones own moment of time.

Whether training to climb a mountain trail or training through the plateaus of Wealthy Affiliates.The moving forward leads much in the same direction of your goal.

Waiting Arrival (WA) to the Finnish, then share your journey with others.

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The path here is a series of steps to be completed.
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