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So far, so good, as far as my progess has gotten. I am working on a website for my company "Magus Passio." The website address is titled "" I will be talking about "house cleaning appliances" and easier ways in cleaning your home.

I have to admit that presently my success doesn't deal with gaining tuition through my website; (which is new) however, I have succeeded when it comes to helping my family. On "facebook" when my father died, I had clicked on my "Microsoft Word" and began typing what I would copy and paste on the "facebook wall" titled "Dedicated to my Father." Below is what I had to go through in helping my mother, by caring for my sick father, this piece was written on December 17, 2014.




Born: April 18, 1934

Died: December 16, 2014

How are you doing, Dad?

I will bring up my past-achievements when it deals with helping you and Ma, and the struggle I chose to go through in succeeding. It started in 2002 when I was working for the City of Stamford formally the Parks and Recreations Dept, then from that time renamed the Operations Dept. I was thinking of making you and the rest of our family proud of me while I worked as a seasonal worker full-time in Scalzi Park. I had in my mind this plan where for a long time I had looked back finding it not good enough; it was in a way the beginning where I was going to move to Arizona since for a long time the state had the reputation of being a growing state. Nowadays knowing through studying economics I’m glad when looking back that there was the change of plans. While working I had in my mind this imaginary structure of a small pyramid where at the top was Artist and Writer, the middle blocks were Management, second to the last blocks were City Work, and last were Odd Jobs. On a break, I was at the garage thinking of not just my future when it came to building my success, the past where when I didn’t work I would once in a while ask you or Ma for a small sum of money and I did ask Ma, in my own words of how much from you and her would the addition of the money roughly be and Ma's answer was $1,000. I knew I didn’t have to pay you or Ma back, I vowed to myself that instead of waiting for the season to be over and move out of this state, I would stay and pay you and Ma back. I was in Shippan, in a car with you and when pulling into the donut store, coming up in a row two empty parking spaces where you parked, blocking both spaces, I asked you if you were blocking the spaces from cars, you didn’t think you were doing anything wrong. This led me when arriving at home to privately tell Ma and when she brought it up to you that it was a good idea to have the doctor check you out. After visiting with the doctor, Ma came home and alone I was told that the doctor without your presence, told her that it was a minor case of senility, and it wouldn’t be a good idea to inform you, instead to prescribe for you a medication that the doctor told would make you feel better. I was asked when up in the morning to go downstairs where in the kitchen, to make sure you took your prescription. I found out through Ma that it was diagnosed that your maturity went down to an eighteen year old. By 2004, your maturity went down to an eight year old where now I was asked to do the duties of a caregiver, which would consist of from Monday to Friday and sometimes Saturdays until the mid afternoon where Ma would arrive. In the summer since Ma was a teacher’s aide, there was time off where I was able to relax except for occasions on Saturdays where I had to return to this task. Ma hired a private part time caregiver whose only job was to watch you. Ma had to stop hiring them because it was expensive while she would go from one lawyer after another who would turn her down when she would ask if she can receive from the state Title 19, which would mean that for free, the state would provide a caregiver who would take over my duties. When I worked for the City of Stamford, I went to my neurologist who told me of a scientific breakthrough for those who suffer from seizures where if choosing to go through this procedure or forever stay on my medication, where this would deal with cutting down on my medication and when getting a seizure, I would get an operation where at any time I can change my mind including the last minute before entering the operating room. They would find out in my brain where the seizures were located and take out the part of that brain and continue with the process of cutting down on my medication where when it happened again, then another operation would take place where that part of the scalp would reopen where a device like a chip would be implanted below that part of my scalp where it wouldn’t cure my seizures, under control would be the seizures. I decided not to take it for fear of unknown consequences, after a couple of times my doctor convinced me everything would be alright, I went for this challenge knowing this would be more painful than ten guys beating me of the time back in 1987 I was one night in Glenbrook coming from Joffee St. Heading home where in Glenbrook roughly ten street kids appeared from the back road that led to Stamford High and when crossing the street, which was my idea. They crossed the street and noticed us where I was looking straight ahead and noticing my former friend looking fearfully at them where ethnical slurs were thrown at us and starting to walk fast was my former friend where I was whispering in my own words to him to not walk fast because it would have the thugs detect fear. He quickly ran away from me where I calmly walked, shouting in my own words to come back, don’t make them think he is afraid of them and by my surprise a big guy ran past me, grabbing my former friend in a head lock and he got out of it running into a condo parking lot where the big guy followed and another guy ran past me following them and I turned around seeing the other guys where one of them said to me in his own words to come with them and beat my friend up and I said: Wait! Before I can do anything defensive they had me against the wall where the leader gave the first blow to the side of my head with the others jumping in mimicking him until I hit the ground being kicked while they were shouting at me: Give me your money! I shouted: I don’t have money you can search me! This led to a couple of vehicles stopping influencing the thugs to run across the street through other condos while a pickup followed them. I noticed at a distance what looked like a middle-aged father and a couple of kids who looked east Indian or middle eastern noticing and I painfully got up walking in the direction where I was suppose to go, which was in their direction where I stopped where they asked what happened and I told them. the big scumbag ran back from where he was heading toward the street and I was thinking those other guys could be hiding across the street in bushes while I pointed at him bringing up he attacked my friend, he said to me: I don’t know what you’re talking about. My former friend returned looking relaxed and I asked what happened when he mentioned he ran to the back of the parking lot until the guys had him cornered and they demanded money, he gave them his wallet. The pickup returned and inside was a young woman who told me she drove to the other side of the block noticing them running towards Custer St. A year later, I had my first seizure. I figured the blow to the head had to cause these seizures. The reason why I bring up the operation is because these tests following the operations were mixed with helping Ma, by caring for you, Dad. From 2004 until 2006 I went to Yale New Haven Hospital where through tests that dealt with blood work, going through machines and one that I will never forget when I was in a wheel chair where when entering the room the interior looked like I was inside of a spaceship where the paint looked equivalent to battle ship paint and above the doctors with their assistants who were standing around the stretcher I noticed above them roughly seven large monitors where each screen was black and each in the center in small white letters read: Joseph Doran. I was assisted in climbing onto the stretcher while they injected painkillers in me while in my inner thigh, was injected a fine tube that traveled upward through my torso until it reached the bottom part of my skull where on the screens I noticed what looked like black and white videos of my brain and at the bottom was the tube injecting a fluid where through the technology they shut off half of my brain, and asked me a few questions where I successfully answered them. They turned that side of my brain back on and they repeated on the other side where when asked the same question, no matter how hard I tried to move my lips I couldn’t make a sound. That part of the brain was shut back on and the tube was out of me where I lost my consciousness and on and off I remember a big woman who I never before saw take me and quickly rolled me onto another stretcher and wheeled me into the room I was going to stay in overnight. Another time dealt with a test where I had to stay at Yale and have them slowly cut down on my medication until I got a seizure. I had many wires pasted on my head where it would take on an average two weeks for a patient to get a seizure. In my case it was a month where a young lady came in asking what kinds of food would I eat. She told me in her own words I hang in there like a trooper and I asked if other patients complain, she nodded yes. When finding out that the seizures were coming from the left central lobe of the brain that processes language. 2006, in the summer, I returned where at four in the morning a friend of the family Joyce Finch asked her daughter Kathryn if she would give us a ride. I arrived at the hospital where I was put on a stretcher and wheeled into the operating room. After the operation was over I remember being in a small room and noticing Ma crying while being embraced by her friend Joyce. I found out that when the operation was over; I was wheeled into that room where my eyes were up; I was wearing a bandage covering my head and on the side was a big red spot; I was holding myself, rapidly shaking. The neuro-surgeon told Ma, the operation was successful where they had to take off the left piece of my scalp to place in a freezer and stick wires in there and replacing my piece of the scalp was this flat plastic piece while the wires were from the top part of the forehead sticking out while inside the bandages. The doctor told Ma, when the operation was over, before sticking the plate on the empty spot while my left part of the brain was exposed they gave me a memory tests of a few questions where the doctor was surprised because I looked straight at him and answered them correctly. To be honest with you, I don’t remember. I was wheeled into my assigned room. Ma would come many times to visit me while I had my neuro-surgeon who found out I was an artist, asked if I had photographs of my work and if it was OK to see them. When I said yes, soon enough Ma brought the photographs up and when the doctor saw them, he liked the art, which was many surrealistic pieces. Again came the process of cutting down on my meds while the wires coming out of my head were hooked to a machine where another man came in to collect samples of the oils from my head to be placed into many cups to be taken to the lab. Again, it took a month where daily I would only get three hours of sleep not by their choice, just because of my nerves between of your illness with Ma who was extremely depressed. Since it was inherited in your family, senility quickly took the lives of Aunt Alice, Aunt Fanny, Aunt Mary, and Aunt Anna who slowly for roughly fifteen years had senility. During those years, Uncle Michael died. When I had another seizure, I was brought back into the operating room where I got back my scalp, my scalp was smaller leaving the side of my head flat where I had in the middle of my forehead what looked like a large wart, a piece of fat that stood there. Throughout this time I didn’t cry or complain, I have to admit, that before the second operation where I heard from down the hallway another patient screaming in agony because in our area the other patients were present for the same reasons. After a few minutes of his screaming ending, my painkillers wore off and a great pain shot from my head where every breath I took I was now following the other man until a young nurse quickly ran in, and injected into my IV tube a couple of hypodermic needles where my screaming went from painful moans returning to silence. Before the second operation, a nurse came in with a tool to unwrap the bandages from my head where I saw a mirror of my image with from the edge of my left eyebrow to the back complete flatness and many wires that were coming from the top part of my forehead with a buzzcut. The nurse told Ma that during that day of my operation, they shaved my head and a week later that is how fast my hair grew. After the operation they took off the bandages and with a tool they pulled the staples out of my skull while with both fists I was silently grunting as the nurse mentioned in front of Ma that I have a strong endurance for physical pain. Soon, I was sent home until the end of the summer where I was told by Ma to just relax. Slowly walking upstairs I was accommodated by Ma into the TV room where I was advised to sleep on the couch, and to call on her if I needed or wanted anything. I quickly went asleep and for three days I would occasionally wake up only to fall back asleep where I didn’t eat, drink, entertain myself, or go to the bathroom. One time, at the doorway, Ma stood there looking really worried while asking if I was alright and I replied: Yes, only to return to sleep. After three days, Ma told me since I returned home walking with a cane, for a week just stay in that room unless I wanted to go across the hallway to the bathroom. After a week I relaxed until the end of the summer I returned to New Haven to go through the third operation. This time, it would be only for a week where I went there and soon enough they would take off that part of the scalp to take out most of the left central lobe of my brain that processes language only to leave a small part behind because of the fear that I would become a mute. Afterwards, I spent a week at the hospital watching TV. When I returned home, it would be a week later where Ma would return to work and I returned to the duties of being like a caregiver. By this time, your maturity went down to a year and a half old. After years of going to lawyers, Ma successfully found a lawyer who would take on her case where Ma paid $3,000 to a lawyer who did the paper work and finally by January of 2007, a caregiver was sent where my only job was to return in only giving you your medication. It was in 2006 where I told Ma that I wouldn’t leave the house to be independent until I paid her and you $1,000. I was informed that since years ago it was a vow between me and Ma that never would you be sent to a home, that my service of helping Ma not just helped her in saving money by not selling half of the house where half of the house, which would be equaled to $100,000, would be sold to be either to send you to a home or hire a private caregiver, that was more than just paying the money I originally planned on paying you and Ma back. This loyalty towards you and Ma gave me total respect never in my life I ever had from the family, relatives, neighbors, friends, and acquaintances. The best part of this is that always were you happy and that is what matters. In a lot of ways incomparison to most families, we count our lucky stars that we’re lucky, which was something I had to remind Ma. Last year, I found out that because of real estate, I only roughly paid back two thirds of the money you and Ma put into raising me and from that time to a while back there was no longer medication for you, you couldn’t walk where helping you was me and the caregiver Michelle, to walk ten feet from the couch to your hospital bed. I helped the caretaker by holding your hands as you stood where changing your pampers and pants was Michelle with the exception of the summer because Dolan Junior High School is where Ma works where with the months off sometimes I help and I do the same thing in the evening when I was helping you as she changed you. No longer were you able to talk or most of the time there was no motivation in your hands. For most of the twelve years was happiness from you where a while back you became deluded. I have to admit, I accomplished a lot for the sake of helping the family.
In the beginning, I had money to move out of the house to have a life, then from November of 2008, until December of 2009, I worked for the City of Stamford at the Garbage and Recycling Dept, until Christmas Eve when I got a seizure and I had to leave where with the performance I presented to the employers, where I had a great reputation as a laborer with the employees. I was called back to work where I didn’t have to work on the packers or the recycling trucks, by that time I got a new job at Avon as a salesman, I was called back three times until I mentioned to Mike Savona that I was content with my job and I complimented him on hiring me. During that time, I had more money to move out to get a life for myself, instead I stayed to continually stay to care for you; good thing I’m a salesman who works at home. I love you, Dad.

Your son, Joey.

My plans for my goals in 3 months will be in the completion of my websites and blogs in US English, UK English, Spanish, French, Chinese (modern), Japanese, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Polish, Turk, Czech, and Italian.

My plans for my goals in 6 months will be in the completion of my websites and blogs in Albanian, Arabic, Bengali, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese (traditional), Croatian, Danish, Estonian, Finnish, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Malay, Norweigan, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovene, Tamil, Thai, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Basque, Galician, Latin, and Swedish.


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