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March 09, 2020
So far, so good, as far as my progess has gotten. I am working on a website for my company "Magus Passio." The website address is titled "" I will be talking about "house cleaning appliances" and easier ways in cleaning your home. I have to admit that presently my success doesn't deal with gaining tuition through my website; (which is new) however, I have succeeded when it comes to helping my family. On "facebook" when my father died, I had clicked on my "Microsoft Word" and
July 23, 2017
So far, so good, continuous evolution. A while back, I created a website on "guitar slides." "Magus Passio" is defined as "magus" latin for magician and "passio" late latin, which means "being acted upon." "Magus Passio" translated in English, "magician being acted upon." Afterwards, I created a blog titled I had chosen two niches, "guitar slides" and "catnip." In three months, my plans and goals is to have more "blogs," and to have my