My First 5 Days in WA

Last Update: October 13, 2014

Time flies so fast and I am now on my fifth day in WA. Here's what happened in my first five days:

Day 1: Set up my profile. Browsed in site and met some friendly people.

Day 2: Created my goals and answered the 3 initial WA questions.

Day 3: Go through the different lessons in course 1.

Day 4: Clicked on create a website (still a newbie so website is still blank.. lol)

Day 5: Wrote my welcome page (in progress....) and did a little bit of blogging (this blog)

Well, I am doing things slowly... and slowly... but surely? lol..

Anyway, this is a good experience for me and I hope to do more.

Wishing all of us the success we are dreaming of. Sweet dreams ;)

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kholmes Premium
Great start, and that is a good thing to remember to just stay at a pace you are comfortable with. :))
XyeGats Premium
Thanks. It is quite overwhelming to learn all stuff in here - its like having an information overload.. lol...
kholmes Premium
I know what you mean, after the first couple of weeks you will get more comfortable and familiar with how everything works. Just set particular daily goals you want to achieve and go from there at your own pace.