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Last Update: February 01, 2016

Still a neophyte at WA but feel like the captain of a ship! Maybe a drunkin captain, but some type of captain. I started two websites, both involving the sale of gold. One for incoming and the other for outgoing. At first, I thought there was no way to get this going, then I googled "sell my gold affiiate." I found plenty. I inquired at two different gold companies. One where you sell scrap everything and the other where you purchase gold in coins or bars, whichever you prefer! The latter is the more impressive company and I'm concentrating more effort in research on gold bullion as an investment. I really took on more than I should have! The pressure is unreal, but the commissions could be very lucrative. I still want to do other websites that aren't such portals.

I see the benefit of having a website that retains a following, one that informs the reader in an ongoing manner. And of course, leads them to a WA link to answer the question from the blog. I do want to build an affiliate empire! Got to get to Vegas, right?

Needless to say, I'm blessed to have found WA. In no way am I finished with the training. I haven't really asked for help, either. I'm getting my my training in bites. I thank everybody for welcoming me in and offering assistance. This really is a supportive worldwide awesome family!

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Thanks for sharing.