Is This Business Even Real?

Last Update: Feb 4, 2014


You've probably heard this question before or have thought it yourself. There is another variations which is: "Oh I'll see if this is going to work" or "I want to see if this works for me". Sigh... Time to get really real. And if you've read my articles in the past, you know it's about to go down. So let me apologize beforehand for anyone that is about to get offended or get their boxers in a bunch. But it's time.

Where is all this doubt coming from?

Unfortunately the make money or internet marketing industry has a notorious rep that is dirtier than your underwear after eating spicy Mexican food. Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about. LOL I've noticed that most people that question the reality of this business fall into two teams.

Team Scammed

The reality is there are far more scams out there than there are legitimate opportunities. If you've had the pleasure of being a victim of an online scam, you know it's a horrible violation. You end up feeling stupid and ashamed. Then it escalates to feeling jaded where you don't trust anyone and think everyone is out to get you in this industry. I get it! You DO have a right to feel this way... for a time.

Team Insecurity

Aside from being scammed, people also feel insecure about their own abilities. After all, you're learning a whole new set of skills and business. You probably have doubts that you'll be able to write articles, create a website, promote it or even make money with it. It's a natural fear we all have when learning anything new.

So I would argue these are two very valid reasons and concerns that folks have, but let's reminisce.

Remember The Time...

Remember when you were young and your body parts were still firm and perky. Or am I only speaking for myself. LOL In any event, one of the first things you were taught was how to walk. Chances are you were like the rest of us and fell numerous times. It was a very frustrating and sometimes painful experience. You probably have a few scars from these spills.

But guess what? Your parents didn't care. They continued to help you by forcing you to walk. Eventually you got over the pain and fear. You soon mastered walking and God willing you're still doing it today.

But for some reason when it comes to making money online, many of us are acting like big babies that are crawling around and afraid to learn how to walk again. Except learning how to walk here will lead you to the life and money you deserve. So what you fell a few times and picked up some scars along the way. So now you're going to stay mad at the whole floor and don't trust it because you fell on it a few times. Does that even make sense? Can you imagine what your life would have been like if you felt that way?

Welcome to the club...

Unfortunately getting scammed is almost a rite of passage in this industry. Some of the most successful people fell for scams too. I'm one of those folks. I got scammed by an alleged work at home list which turned out to be a glorified copy of the phone book. Duh!

I was embarrassed then I got mad. Then I became jaded. But I soon realized that calling everything a scam wasn't making my pockets fatter. I learned that yes I should proceed with a healthy skepticism but it I shouldn't let it rule me or make assumptions. Once I licked my wounds and got back out there, eventually it lead me to this business which has helped me earned an income and lifestyle that a job would have never provided.

But I would have missed that if I kept running around thinking that everything is a scam. Here's the reality of this business...

It's proven already...

A lot of the skeptical people that come here want to know if this business actually works. It's as if they think folks are making this whole business up. Stop the nonsense already. You're sounding crazy when you make these statements. Time to give you a reality check and it's going to be a big one.

Here are some facts:

  1. Amazon has an affiliate program.
  2. Google has an affiliate program.
  3. Ebay has an affiliate program.
  4. Apple has an affiliate program.

All of these companies are making BILLIONS of dollars every year. If this business didn't work, why would these Fortune 100 companies that earn billions of dollars every year have affiliate programs? Don't they make enough money with just advertising on tv, magazines, etc.? I'm sure they do make some great money using those mediums.

But apparently they see the value in recruiting affiliates like us too. I wonder why? If you haven't figured it out, it's because we make them money! Period! Ain't no more to it. And my quote above sums it up!

Time to move on...

Hopefully this article has provided you some better insight about this business. At the end of the day, this business is like a relationship. There are only two outcomes. You're either going to be successful or fail. The outcome you get will be on your shoulders. All this community can do is provide you the support, training and tools which it does.

What you do or don't do with all that is on you. If you only want to give your dreams a few weeks or months to succeed, that's your business. Your results will reflect this decision. But don't walk around talking crazy that it's because this business doesn't work or it's WA's fault you failed.

Nah, it's more like this business didn't work for YOU! YOU didn't make it work. But it does work and it is proven. And I have several billion dollar companies that literally back me up on this because of the money they have invested in creating affiliate programs and paying affiliates like us.

So let's stop the madness folks.

Let me know what you guys think down below. As you can tell I'm very passionate about this. I'm not out to offend anyone because i've been on the other side. But I think sometimes we all need some tough love and a reality check to put us back on track.

I want to hear what you think either way.

Thanks for reading.

Your slightly annoyed blogger,

Eddy with a Y. LOL

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Great post! Real information!

Thanks Melana!

Great post,so true.thanks

Thanks Crystal! Glad you liked it!

That was great . I haven't gotten as far as I would liked to have by now but I KNOW it is me that is to blame , not WA . I believe I have been here long enough to know this is real so , that was a great reality check .

Thanks Craig! It's great you realize that this business is real and it's just going to take more time and effort to get where you want. But just understand that this is a marathon. As long as you're in the race, you'll reach the finish line in time. So you're on the right track!

I really like your reference to the big concerns who have an affiliate program. Why would they have one if there was no money in it.

Exactly Mark! That's always my point when people question this business. Thanks for chiming in!


Thanks Mat!

It sure seems real!

Thanks Eddy - Another great post with some stuff that everyone needs to know if they are going to be successful as an Affiliate Marketer.

Thanks Bo! I really appreciate the kind words and support for my babbling. LOL

I have to say, even though I've never actually been scammed, skepticism has actually been a big burden these last few days that I've joined. You've given a voice to my doubts, and I can now see a way past it. Thanks, man!

Ben you're very fortunate. I'm from the Bronx, NY so you would think skepticism pumps through my blood. But unfortunately my desire to make money online basically pushed it to the side. So I ended up getting scammed. But it was a good lesson because it eventually led me to this business.

In any event, I'm happy my article resonated with you and you can move past the voices in your head. LOL

You're part of a great community and this business is proven. Now we just need to help you get your share of this pie! Cheers!

Excellent post Eddy. Thanks for keeping us on target for success.

Thanks Milton! Happy to share value and help this community!

I get frustrated and slightly annoyed too. I get frustrated that after a few months I haven't got as far along the line as I would have liked in my quest to earn a living from internet marketing. However I do fully understand it's a learning curve, a lot steeper for a some of us than for others, and that these things take time.

But I get a lot more frustrated when I hear people complaining about this and giving up after just a few months or even a few weeks. Unless you get very very lucky or are able to pick up on what to do and how to do it very quickly and easily, it is likely to take you some months, maybe even a year or two, before you start to see any real benefit from what you are trying to do.

Go back and look at the history of ebay, amazon, Google, or any other major company you can think of and see how long it took them to make anything. Keep going, don't stop believing, don't give up and most importantly, if you get stuck on anything JUST ASK!

Amen Gary! You've hit it right on the head and I couldn't say any better my friend! Thanks for chiming in with such great insight!

Nice writing, no comment :)

Thanks Shawn.

You bet Eddy, keep them coming, you are very talented at writing. :)

Thanks Shawn! I appreciate the kind words.

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