Eloquence, blogs, niche and success.

Last Update: January 22, 2016

Eloquence is natural skills for most of WA Community. But some of us are much, much better than rest of us. That is my 1-st barrier to jump over it. Crucial topics which generate taught time to do progress with learning process and reading references material.

Happened to me that this obstacle create not noticeable way loosing focus. How this is possible? Reading reference material I find other referral points which are in my opinion important too. Deeper in text and weight is slowly transferred to new area.

Blogs are easy point to keep focus. My objections are connected to "1-st barrier".

Niche has to be unique, some says. Kyle is referring to as "any niche can be profitable".

Success is result of your personal action to dill with eloquence, blogs and niche in quiet corner of your room with computer.

Success is in your hands.

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Twinsmother Premium
Greetings of success to you womo2015. Thanks for the encouraging words. Yes success is in my hands. Like you I have a problem with retention and understanding. I am an elder and in these struggles to remember and retrieve and send messages and receive are sometimes frustrating. I keep on going and if I need to reread something that is just what I do. I also found that writing the words or words will help. Take it in syllables. Use the dictionary as a help and guide to the spelling, etc. Hope all that helps you in your quest to understand the English Language better. Don't forget to ask for help with any thing that you are unsure of. We are all in need of help from one another.
AriefWibowo Premium
The more you read, the more you will find new information and skills.
Good luck.
womo2015 Premium
Never ending task for all of us. Life is just this way created.
I love to do it. Except it is time to time confusing and puzzling with necessary steps to follow.
AriefWibowo Premium
Agree. It is a never ending task.