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December 01, 2017
Bumpy year 2017 ending with many significant changes for Texas. Rain in spring time and hurricane are causing floods, and property damages in south part of Texas. Many changes are influencing quality of life especially on south all along cost line with Gulf of Mexico.
November 27, 2017
Couple more days of November are passing fast with plenty news and happenings in all Texas. Most of society are transforming last Fall activity to Winter faze slowdown.Most activity are focusing bigger outlook on Shopping Centers and most convenient way to access there, Christmas Time will have full splendor of Holidays as usually was in Texas.
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In many cases and for sure in my case, activity is complicated issue. Luck of interactive involvement created barrier hard to pass or melt down. My discipline, my dedication to work well is not necessary good solution. Is missing just 1 element: Stimulation!My desire to search for more and better solution dosn't exist anymore. Became boring. Other hand I know very well, that my negativity is creating even more negativity STOPS.So circle of work is difficult to blow up and move forw
May 15, 2016
Question to TOP Achievers? My site last 3 months got 5,500 visits from 22 countries all over the word. In Google Analytics, I found that site has over 3000 links external and 80 internal. How to do progress with affiliate links to eliminate setback?
We all have shells. Exceptionally my shell was created from the best existing material for the body shells. My website is running well and got visitors from 22 countries around the word. Last 3 mount I got 5,000 visitors. And will soon have more and more. Questions is hot. How to monetize in my niche optimal way? Of course, I earn $23,45 by PPC. Next year maybe will be $99.99. Not enough to send to me check. Has to be more than $100.00 Here is temporary death end for me. This is the short sto
May 04, 2016
At last, slowly day by day Sun starts drying up most area in Big Texas. May days are welcome by all. In big cities and small communities everywhere. Flooding mostly along rivers require more time to change and be as used to be. Nice and green. And yellow later in the summer. In many well-preserved areas, wildlife is booming. See pictures below.Wildlife is perfectly well adjusted to wheater change and fast adapt to new form of everyday life
I fight too long and lost plenty of time trying to keep my 8 years old Mac Book Pro running. Second my old habits and hard work with websites (I did produce before), have bad influence on my performance. But: I got basic ingredient of progress: DISCIPLINE. (action) Lucky for me I see now detailed plan to develop site to satisfied my purpose.A little progress ev
Eloquence is natural skills for most of WA Community. But some of us are much, much better than rest of us. That is my 1-st barrier to jump over it. Crucial topics which generate taught time to do progress with learning process and reading references material. Happened to me that this obstacle create not noticeable way loosing focus. How this is possible? Reading reference material I find other referral points which are in my opinion important too. Deeper in text and weight is slowly tran
January 11, 2016
Last 8 days were for me hardest time of many years to overcome and regroup with conclusion. Why this is happening? Now? New Year Resolution? New Year promises? First: I decided to revue my progress. and I'm far from "track". We all and I want to create website which will be generating residual income. What I have is just "frame" and small indication of attempts. On scale 1-10 is 3 Last 3 mounts I got $4.85 on PPCSecond: My work with WA often brings more frustr
In many cases we are working with all "computerized friends" (read-computers) not paying any real attention to details. And this is benefit of well maintained TOOL. In reality it is not so easy. Lost time to just update vital application sometimes is so overwhelming that we are disturbed for longer time. Our focus is lost.Of course nothing big happen to Goal, or even to Day Planning. But accumulation of this small factors after while is very destructive bug in our activity. Discipline, Focus. P