I want to share this with you because it applies to all of us.

Last Update: July 29, 2017

The is slowly vanishing before our eyes and we seem to be ok with things the way they are. Our elected officials claim that there is no climate changes, yet the Arctic is Melting. Our Beaches are Eroding, We have NO CONTROL OF OUR YOUTH, and We Have No Love For Our Fellow Man and Woman.

I remember when I was a youth you went to Church Every Sunday ALL DAY! You knew your Neighbors, You helped People In Need And You Whipped Your Children When They Needed It. There was no child abuse, when we misbehaved we got our butts whipped, Now it's TIME OUT OR GO TO YOUR ROOM. I have a problem with this because children don't have A ROOM, we are Paying the expenses to maintain our LifeStyle;they don't own AnyThing.

We Are The Reason Things Are The Way They Are Because Now --It's Not Our Business;--no matter the Situation. My Problem Should Be Your Problem and Vice Versa.

I Pray that Each and EveryOne of You Have a Blessed and Safe WeekEnd and Our LORD and Savior Continue to Shower His Abundant Blessing UpOn You and Yours. If I offended AnyOne with the above statements I made I Truly Apologize because I am Respectful Of Other People and Their Opinions; because I want the same. To God Who is the Head of my Life I Give All The Glory and Praise His Holy Name Hallelujah and Amen. Your Brother in Christ Jesus I Pray For Each and Every One of You That You Be Blessed

William L. Gordon

The World We Live In Today!

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WindyCityUSA Premium
I agree with everything you said except the climate change part, fake news there.
WLG Premium
Greeting Lou, thank you for your reply-William
WLG Premium
Thank you, Terry, wishing you all the best-William
TheDummyOfWA Premium
I'm a Christian myself, and I do honor your post, but I don't want you to get in trouble for posting this! It has in the rules no politics or Christian posts! I just wanted to point that out to you as a friend would!! I'm afraid you might get more than just slack! You might want to adjust your post!