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The is slowly vanishing before our eyes and we seem to be ok with things the way they are. Our elected officials claim that there is no climate changes, yet the Arctic is Melting. Our Beaches are Eroding, We have NO CONTROL OF OUR YOUTH, and We Have No Love For Our Fellow Man and Woman.I remember when I was a youth you went to Church Every Sunday ALL DAY! You knew your Neighbors, You helped People In Need And You Whipped Your Children When They Needed It. There was no child abuse, when we mi
July 19, 2017
I have been extremely busy the past couple of months making thatMy Mail-Order Business has me filling orders daily; when you are receiving $200-$300 and sometimes $500 a day; you have to take care of Business. I have neglected my Wealthy Affiliate Business but I will catch up eventually. My ranking has gone from 325 to 469 but making money is more important to me than ranking, ranking doesn't pay house and car notes. I am still committed to making my Wealthy Affiliate Business as Profitable as
June 01, 2017
Hello Family; First I want to thank each and EveryOne of You 4 Your Prayers and Condolences in one of the most heart wrenching and emotional times of my life-losing my Brother.To have such Loving, Caring and Compassionate People such as YourSelf means more to me than You could Ever Imagine. My Family and I Thank You. “You’re a Blessing To Me Family and I Love You Dearly". There Will Always Be A Special Place in My Heart 4 You! May God Our LORD And Savior Always Bless And Keep You Fo
Words cannot express the Love, Gratitude, and Compassion that you have bestowed UpOn Me in one of my darkest times. I am the oldest child and both my Mother and Father are with Our LORD, AND SAVIOR CHRIST JESUS! So everything falls on me.To go thru what I've gone thru the past month is something I Pray none of you have to experience in you life time. All is good so far, I've retained an Attorney for my nieces and nephews and we'll let the judicial system deal with the issues.I Thank Each And Ev
Hello Family, I've been missing for a while, I've had personal problems lately and I am almost overwhelmed with grief and heartache. I really don't have the strength or desire to write this.My brother had Alzheimer's and the facility that he was in didn't provide adequate care and he got bed sores; his bed sores became infected and he got Gangrene, we buried him yesterday. Now I have to go thru the unpleasantries of getting helping his kids obtain a lawyer ETC!I'm sorry family but I have to go,
Greeting my brothers and sisters Praying that all is well with you. Just wanted to share this small piece of info with you. I shall celebrate my sixth month's anniversary this month and I'm slowly increasing my monthly commissions here in Wealthy Affiliate. I'm still not where I want to be because I can't provide the time and attention needed to make my OnLine Business more successful.I have a pleasant, pleasing problem which is having a Mail-Order- Business that's requiring most of my time. I
Greeting my Brothers and Sisters, one of my Reps sent this to me and I am sharing it with you. I wish each and every one of you a Blessed and Safe Easter.William Google + EmbedThe Easter Bunny and JesusBy: David Capes, Ph.D.What does the Easter Bunny have to do with Jesus?Walk into almost any retail store right after Valentine’s Day and you’ll be greeted by a wall of pastel-colored baskets, plastic eggs, jelly beans, and—perhaps most famous of all—chocolate bunnies. Y
February 24, 2017
Well family I finally am back to normal (I hope) posted 3 posts to my Pet Food Website and 2 to my Wealthy Affiliate Site. With my wife's health problems, then the funeral took a lot out of me. But The LORD Nevers Put Any More On You Than You Are Able To Bare! May Our LORD and Savior Continue To Shower His Abundant Blessing UpOn You. I'm listening to TWO WINGS by The Christianaires and they are Jamming.Have a Blessed and Safe WeekEnd.To God Give The Glory;William
February 20, 2017
Hello my Wealthy Affiliate Family;William L. here, I have been AOL the past week plus because my wife lost her Oldest Brother and we were in Chicago for his Funeral We just returned home Yesterday.I have a lot of catching up to do.I ask for the communities Prayers for my wife because is in a pretty bad way. I thank you in advance.To God Give The Glory;William
February 02, 2017
My sixth month @ the phenomenal Wealthy Affiliate has finally arrived! Hallelujah; I only have 3 referrals but that's three more than I had three months ago. I am Plumb Please and Proud to be associated with EveryOne I've encountered here.The friends that I've made I shall cherish always, I will always be indebted to Tom Pipchok for introducing me to Wealthy Affiliate. I had the pleasure of meeting Tom when he and his wife Sherry joined me in my pet food business.I Pray All of my Wealthy Affil