So. I've Quadrupled My Traffic in March :) Here Are Some Tips!

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Hey awesome WA members, here comes my website update in March. :)

I think I'm going to use this new website that I've created in mid-Nov 2020 as a "case study" for myself to see whether I can actually penetrate into the MMO niche...

And whether I can get to Vegas next year ;)

I thought of doing an update for all of my projects every month but I'm getting way too excited for this one - so I think I'll just be focusing on updating this one website for the whole year.

If you want to follow my journey, follow me here in WA :)

I'm on my quest of developing healthy small habits this year where I have a small printable that I put on my wall to track where I am with my yoga practice, reading, meditation, and of course content creation!

It looks like this:

If you'd like a copy, let me know - I can give you one for free. And no, no need to opt-in anything I'll just share the file with you to print out :)

(it's Friday night out here, I'm too lazy to change my website URL at the end of the printable, and to upload the printable onto my Google drive and share the link. But if there's demand, then I'll share the link out here too)

Anyway, let's get back to my "case study" website!

This is my MMO niche website that I created mid-Nov 2020.

So on my Feb update, I told you guys that I'm feeling good with March (because it's my birthday month) but oh boy March was amazing :)

- I figured out what kind of reviews to do
- My average daily user went well above 10/day
- My Domain Authority went from 3 to 5
- And I've basically quadrupled my traffic!

50 visitors (9 total posts)
39 visitors (32 total posts)
105 visitors (53 total posts)
118 visitors (73 total posts)
504 visitors (91 total posts)

Let's see the below stats from Ubersuggest (mainly from Google only)

And here's the stats from Google Search Console:

And here's the average user daily that I get this week:

On average I now got about 26 users daily to my 5 month-old website. Honestly, I was expecting only 10+ ish but I take 26+ anytime :D

For the past few days (including today), it's almost touching 40 users/day!

There's no specific goal on traffic for my website. The goal is to only write 5 or more blog posts a week :)

Okay now onto some of the things that work well for me!

  • My website is only doing reviews with very low competition keyword, using exactly what Kyle teaches in the training.
  • I focus on the "online gurus" in my country - I'm sure there are some in each country. Some of the "gurus" I've known for a long time because they kept on appearing on my FB but others, I simply googled "online gurus in [name of country]". It worked. Sometimes I get a long list too! And the keyword that I focus on with these "gurus" is either on their course or the gurus themselves ie "is [name of guru] legit?"
  • Aim for newly launched courses or "free webinars" - usually with those long webinars, they will be a pitch and you'll get to know what course they are actually promoting. You can either target the course OR maybe the course creator :)
  • Outside of Clickbank and Warriorplus etc, online gurus are also hosting their courses on Kajabi, teachable, and so on. So how I do catch up? YouTube to the rescueee! I'll go to YouTube, I'll check who are the famous YouTubers in certain niches, and many times, those YouTubers have their own courses that you can review - so review them!
  • I screenshot all the MMO-related ads that I got on FB & YouTube (the downside is that I have to turn off my ad blocker) and review all of those courses - they are usually newly launched courses so they are fresh!
  • If I get bored of only seeing ads in my location/country, I'll turn on my VPN (I use NordVPN, they are affordable and worth it) and switch to another country. And now, I can see the ads targeted in different countries. Pretty neat right? With many VPN, you can also use them on your phone, so I'll usually just do this before bed scrolling through for the purpose of seeing those ads.
  • Lastly, what if you hate opening FB like me? WELL I just found a new trick! See below :D

1) Go to:

2) Choose the location (any country you want)
3) Choose "All Ads"
4) Type in keywords like "make money online" "forex" "dropshipping" (any keywords you want basically)
5) Voila! You'll see an abundance of courses being advertised online!


Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed my update! If you want to keep on getting the updates, don't forget to follow me here in WA.

If you like this post & the tips, give this post a LIKE!

& if you have any questions, leave them in the comment section :)



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Hi Wina,

Great job there.

I tried reviewing MLM for my MMO site. Did dozens of them. The traffic is good and I got consistent referrals to WA. But the upgrade rate is very low. I guess I'm pitching WA to the wrong group.

What's the rate of conversion like for online guru reviews? Are you getting good upgrade (referral to premium)? Or do you promote other products on your site?



Hi Kenny, thanks :)

I saw Dylan's training before on doing MLM - and he already mentioned that the upgrade was really low, despite getting a lot of traffic. So I guess the audience is just not there yet.. I did review MLM too but I stopped after getting bored of writing almost the same thing.

And honestly, I can't say yet for my traffic. I wish I could - but I still think my MMO website is still in the very early stage. I only get trickles of referrals.

Truth be told, I haven't done stat analysis to figure out where they are coming from, which articles or are they coming from my previous websites..

Because I believe that in this early stage, my #1 focus is just content creation. I've gotten the funnel setup but I can't say yet what's working and what's not because I really need more traffic than 500/month to analyze..

Once I get 100 users/day, then I'll look more into tweaking the conversion rate :)

I think you need to put yourself in the user's perspective. who are looking for the reviews and whether they have the mindset to make money online slowly - or not.

The thing about MLM, I think (because I've been in one) it's because MLM communities are pretty tight-knit - not that we aren't - but they can make you feel like you belong in social media/community etc. Like a cult. lol to be compared with WA where you'll NEED to come here and find those info, instead of in MLM where your friend/family/upline will constantly text and motivate you.

I try to find courses that target newbies saying they don't need experience etc but need a large capital to start like dropshipping, Amazon FBA, pen-name ebooks publishing, social media agency etc.

I try to stay away from surveys, tradings, ponzi schemes etc for now because I just don't think they are the market yet.

Hope this helps :)

You could use that traffic to qualify for sponsored opportunities though and make extra money that way outside of WA.

Brilliant Wina, those are some impressive looking growth numbers! Keep it up!

thanks Kyle :)

Great job, Wina. Keep up the excellent work!

thanks frank :)

That's awesome Wina
Congratulations and well done

thanks :)

There are some excellent strategies mentioned here, Wina, and your progression is--in a word--stellar! Keep up the excellent work, and I will be bookmarking this post for future reference! Enjoy your Frisatsu (weekend)!


thanks Jeff :)
Happy Frisatsu to you too!

You're very welcome, Wina! I hope that you have had a GREAT one!😎👍

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