Crafting Interesting Information (sometimes called content)

Last Update: January 14, 2019

It's always bothered me that we use the word "CONTENT" to imply something useful. There's no explicit value to content, you could easily substitute the word "FILLER" it has as much value as content. If we intend to add useful or even just interesting substance to our posts it seems to me that it devalues the material or information we create in our post by calling it "content" (i.e. filler). My take on this subject is that a cultural custom has developed over time which dictated the terminology used in website design and thus "content" entered the lexicon.

Still, having said that it doesn't feel that good...... I'd rather say something that sounds appealing or interesting or maybe even exciting instead of , I piled up a load of content, like stacking cordwood. I like the sound of: I wrote a facinating informative article on future space travel or the best biking trails through southern Spain.

Anyway just a minor observation on website protocol and language.

Anyone got thoughts on the subject or just to busy writing "content", like me.

:)) Cheers


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DonnieNorton Premium
Hi John, in some ways I most definitely agree with you, the word content is such a blah word. I think using it amongst ourselves here in Wealthy Affiliate is absolutely fine. If we are using it on social media or an actual web post is definitely a no-no. Word pictures can say a thousand words. All the best
wimone Premium
wimone Premium
That's it for sure Sondra..... while I'm writing any post I always refer to it as an article. Sound more valuable, but it's still a post and what's inside is of course what counts...... :))
SondraM Premium
Bill, you have made a very valid point. My box of draft posts is full of content. Yet, hopefully my website only contains interesting, thought proactive information.