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Last Update: January 27, 2018

Theoretical knowledge vs procedural knowledge

I recently listened to a very interesting discussion on the difference between theoretical knowledge and procedural knowledge and I want to write a blog about what I took away from this.

First, I will basically explain theoretical knowledge as knowledge that can be passed on successfully by using descriptions and logical thinking. As a result, someone who has theoretical knowledge of a concept can understand it to his core, and also explain it in his or own words.

Now, on the other hand, someone who has procedural knowledge can successful apply concepts and execute them with success. For an example, I will use the concept of riding a bike. I know that I need to initiate balance, pedal to build forward momentum (so I don't develop lateral momentum and fall), and continue adjusting body-balance to sustain this momentum. Although I do know all these theories about bike riding, it is impossible for me to actually know how to ride a bike. In fact, I can explain this to a hundred people and all of them will never learn how to ride as well.

As someone who has been a chronic procrastinator in the past, I'm guilty of being satisfied by developing a lot of theoretical knowledge, without building upon the procedural knowledge that makes seeking knowledge, in itself, a worthy activity. It isn't until very recently that I've been pushing myself to have a 80/20 split in action-learning and theory-learning, respectively. This means to spend more time writing instead of reading, spend more time building my website instead of watching tutorials, and for my own personal journey, to go out and socialize instead of reading all these psychology texts.

Let's go out there and get it, guys!

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HarveyBrown Premium
Thanks for the share Wilson. You do need a healthy mix of theory with the practical.