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February 03, 2018
I just realized that since starting my affiliate marketing journey a couple of weeks ago, I've neglected a lot of my fitness endeavors. Not the worst thing ever, as this community may be my "magnificent obsession" now, but I noticed that a lack of intense physical exercise has had a big impact on my overall mood and motivation. From my personal experience, success in health and fitness is an excellent foundation to overall success in life. At the end of day, we are not just our brains, but a wh
February 01, 2018
So, interestingly enough, one of my websites just got indexed on Google and it's the website I kinda neglected for a while. I guess maybe I should put in some work into it now. I've been working my ass off on my WA affiliate blog. For some reason, I'm feeling very driven to earn commission on premium memberships. I think it's because I'm so excited about this industry thay want to share WA with the world. Although I'm only a week in, I've been obsessively on here reading and watching. Using my
Theoretical knowledge vs procedural knowledgeI recently listened to a very interesting discussion on the difference between theoretical knowledge and procedural knowledge and I want to write a blog about what I took away from this. First, I will basically explain theoretical knowledge as knowledge that can be passed on successfully by using descriptions and logical thinking. As a result, someone who has theoretical knowledge of a concept can understand it to his core, and also explain it in his
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January 21, 2018
Hey guys, Looking forward to learning with you all. This sure is optimized for learning and sharing. It's amazing. I have a week of vacation with no real destination planned so I'm going to do a lot of work. Looking forward to meeting you all!
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