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Last Update: June 20, 2019

The experience so far.

Moving on to level three but taking a break first. As I continue with the training i get more confident each day and each piece of training I complete as it has applications to use too. They are real and help move your education so much further. if you had told me last November i would have a false start and then by the middle of June having joined Wealthy Affiliates in May and have built a website produced site content and published blogs I would have laughed at you. in fact though here I am.

The Niche

The niche I’m working within is essential oils. I’m a diabetic and i needed to find another way of treatment as you get so many other secondary things go wrong with you. When yo start to use these oils in your life it is like changing a car battery.

Suddenly all the little things that used to work and are not working start working again! It is amazing what they can do but trying to find a comprehensive site was a non existent entity.

No one can trust a site using such powerful natural substances can or should be taken seriously when they use the term "add a few drops"

I mean what sort of measurement is that for anyone? So I researched and again “Here I am”

Proud as Punch.

I was and im still humbled by the comments i have had so far with my site from the people who have commented. I was not very sure how people would see this site. I’ve followed the advice of my mentor littlemamma and it looks good even though I say it myself as does she.

I did not include the fillers in such a site that drone on about what the medical term for this and that were and what things with long unpronounceable names were or parts of your system that it affected in medical terms.

I just used the language you and I know and can read so if you use an oil you know it will help treat your condition. If you have arthritis do you need this explanation - Uric acid crystals, infections or underlying disease, such as psoriasis or lupus? Maybe a doctor will tell you this as you nod at them thoughtfully stroking your chin but my guess would be your thoughts may be "I thought my hand was hurting because I’m older now" though I must point ut that arthritis can affect you at any age.

My goals in the next six months

I will follow the rest of boot camp and devote more time to acquiring more knowledge. I will set up a second website for recruiting people for Wealthy Affiliate and then for marketing other information and products that I wish to recommend to my growing audience. I believe that this will take at least six months more before I start to see real money come in but I’m hoping that $3k per month is not an unrealistic target moving to $6k after another six months or sooner. Will I become an Ambassador? As i complete the process YES. Maybe you have to know the secret of the "Black Magic" box? A small teaser for people who like chocolate.

Catch you all later

Steven M Hodgson (wildgeese)

P.S. The headline had a EMV value of 40% just thought i'd let you know.

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Mick18 Premium
Great attitude and great progress.
Keep moving forward, you got this.
firstlearn Premium
I like your attitude Steven.

JKulk1 Premium
Great attitude Steven. All the best. Jim
AlexEvans Premium Plus
Hi, Steven looks like you are making good progress, and have a lot of enthusiasm, keep it rolling as you work towards your goals.

Best wishes you will do well.
DarrenNicola Premium
Thanks for sharing your thoughts Steven, all the best as you continue forward, you can do this.
Darren :)