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Last Update: May 22, 2019

I recently had a welcome conversation with Lesabre (Michael). He had been injured at work and was disabled so was searching for something to work for him having been limited by government and was just looking for a sensible life as he put it.

I said I understand but rather thought that it was not I that was disabled.

Michael thought about this and asked me to clarify what I meant.

This was my reply

“Hi Michael I was told that I could not work again in the U.K. system because of disability.

I believe the disability is of the people who tell you you can't work again my mind is functioning so I can work.

Stephen Hawking proved that so as established business' wouldn't employ me and use my experience to help them I'm helping myself.

It's just my thing who is really disabled?

The person who is in the "wheelchair" or the person who has closed their mind?”

This is often the case. I still according to the British government have to apply for jobs despite them sending me several letters that I don’t have to because of my disabilities.

I have had replies from recruiters claiming I’m over qualified for the position applied for and I would want more. I have had recruiters tell me they haven’t had my letter of introduction or my CV yet have had acknowledgment e mails from them claiming they have my details.

I was discouraged by these replies and many more like them. I am diabetic partially sighted partially deaf I have had quadruple heart by pass operation I have a shoulder injury. I was just looking for a small part time job that I could handle and work out my time before I got my pension. Nothing more nothing less. I was denied this because of age old problems in the workplace.

My CV is extensive with my qualifications in several topics. This made the recruiter scared I was after their job. They didn’t like older people. They saw my disabilities as too much for me to over come.

They were just plain ignorant.

So I looked and I found a market affiliate system that I found was just what I wanted. Four months later I was disappointed but determined to see what else there was. I then came upon WA.

Since joining and going Premium I have achieved more in six weeks than in four months at the other company. I got my money back from them (it was costing me a fortune) so I invested it not in WA but myself.

You see I did use the recruiters ignorance to my advantage. I looked at it this disablement of theirs and found the solution at WA. While I’m not cleaning floors or moving pencils around at a “job” I’m enjoying learning new skills enjoy getting up in the morning I have turned my disappointment into satisfaction. I am not disabled I am able I have Defined the Outcome I Desire.

I know you can too.

Michaels reply to my answer to him is on my profile if you wish to read it.

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Calmkoala Premium
Hi Steve, thank you so much for such a positive take on this concept. I have had similar challenging experiences with 'disability' (thesaurus: incapacity/impairment) and work. The official 'system' generally makes no sense and is so frustrating to negotiate that it seems easier to just not bother than trying to unravel the bureaucracy involved!

I agree that the person with a closed mind and little curiosity or imagination is the more 'disabled' individual. How sad not to be able to appreciate the vast number of challenges and opportunities around, whatever a person's capabilities!

Here at WA there are always challenges to stretch any capability and the most caring community to encourage and support. This is the most positive and inspiring work environment I have ever come across. I'm certainly here to stay!

Onwards and upwards, have a productive week, Sue :)
lesabre Premium
Great post, thank you for the share. Not disabled just limited to some physical functions. All the best my friend
wildgeese Premium
I'm the same Michael. I was in the armed forces for a long time. No matter what equipment was available to me I always believed the mind was your greatest resource. You made me recall this so that's why I wrote the blog.
Thank you
MKearns Premium
Going to the non-physical from the physical world can be done. Just ask this guy. https://www.ryrob.com/jon-morrow-interview/
Joy3 Premium
Inspiring !
wildgeese Premium
Thank you Joy
Hudson Premium
Very interesting, but sad that you had to go through this to get here. How much more ability is so under-utilised because of the recruiters inability to see beyond the paper?
wildgeese Premium
Hi Hudson I don't know but what's truly inspiring for me is that because my government "labelled" me "disabled" I'm now here at WA because I don't give in. I was reborn out of the ages of disappointment of the recruiters too. I believe more people will will come to places like WA because of being thrown on the scrap heap and we wonder sometimes why business' fail.