Vacation Gone Sour

Last Update: December 27, 2017

My curiosity is getting the best of me! I took a seven-day vacation with an additional two days for packing and unpacking and returned to a 600-point difference in my WA rank.

What makes this particularly troubling is that I was away several weeks ago due to a hospitalization for approximately the same length of time. While my rank changed some, it certainly was not this drastic. I would really appreciate all the input I can get on this.



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subcpo14 Premium
Tanya, the numbers seem very fluid when outside of 200 but appear steady at 200 and below. Not sure why but that seems to be the case. Jay
WildflowerG Premium
Wish I had held onto my 200 and less, but I could not write and do that at the same time. Too early!

Thanks, Jay.
DEversley Premium
Hi Tanya. Hope you had a great vacation.
Concerning your question, The answer simply this... that means your awesome WA community was very very busy.

All the best!
WildflowerG Premium
Thanks, David.
MKearns Premium
Read my post here Tanya. It'll work out.
WildflowerG Premium
Thanks, Mike. I will read it now.