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Recently, I read a post with a link to a scientific article which was intended to support the “fact” that a product was found to be good for a named ailment. Curiosity got the best of me, and I clicked on the link. Yes, there was an article, but there was no scientific evidence that the product was good for whatever. Only the abstract of the article was available, but it clearly ended with the finding that there needed to be more research on the product before it could be deemed
Yes, it looks like Bo's computer was a PROBLEM in relaying videos to us for our Gogetters lessons, but the problem has been fixed, and we are moving forward with one working video a day. Thanks, Bo, for resolving this issue. Sorry it took a new computer, but look on the bright side--it will be there for other uses as well.
Last week was a great week despite the occasional bumps--videos that refused to work and negative comments on the program. Bo has convinced us of his sincerity in presenting the Gogetters' program. He is readily available for questions and provides answers. He emphasizes the importance of things, like reviewing all posts to ensure that certain things have been adherred to, and most of all he has provided detailed infomation on calls to action. Video included:
Yes, it actually happened to me with my latest article. I must have done something right even though Google disagreed with my use of the word "from" instead of "of".While the woman in the picture looks nothing like me, she certainly illustrates my feelings. Thanks for all of your help Wealthy Affiliate members.
One should not be embarrassed about not getting into Kyle's program or anyone else's for any number of reasons. Think of these reasons as alternative ways of thinking. Even if they are not true for you --something you may never have the answer to--considering them can certainly help you feel better!First, maybe you were rejected because you were too high up the ladder and Kyle thought others would benefit more from his training.Second, maybe you were just there at the cut off point and barely
No! We are already lazy. Both achievement and laziness exist in us. Our job is to balance them, learning how to keep the lazy part of us from becoming our enemy and preventing us from achieving. Learn to identify the lazy part of you. What are some of the signs of being too much of your lazy self? What can help you succeed in Wealthy Affiliate? You are unable to establish priorities correctly and stick to them: Make a list and check it off with the date you did it. have fear of not doing
I wish everyone the most success in 2018, with the reminder that it takes dedication and hard work to be successful in internet marketing. It also takes a great deal of thinking positively. When you start going the other way, reach out and do all that you can to change that. That is the beauty of the Wealthy Affiliate community.I have not made it yet, but I have every intention of doing so. if not my current way, it will be another way.Happy New YearTanya
December 27, 2017
My curiosity is getting the best of me! I took a seven-day vacation with an additional two days for packing and unpacking and returned to a 600-point difference in my WA rank. What makes this particularly troubling is that I was away several weeks ago due to a hospitalization for approximately the same length of time. While my rank changed some, it certainly was not this drastic. I would really appreciate all the input I can get on this. Thanks.Tanya
Yes! I went yearly. Not only did I save $300 for the year, I also commited to make my website the best it can be for the next year, both in content and in income. Going yearly provided a better opportunity for setting goals to assess my progress. Nathaniel provides a realistic way to help with this. Please check out his post from yesterday at worthwhile endeavor deserves a lot of work and frequent assessment of what is going right and what is going wrong
Okay, so this morning I am just fishing around for the posibility of being ranked somewhere for something and I discovered what looks like a #5 ranking position for my Successful Aging Blog page. I am still so new at all of this that I have no idea if what I am seeing is correct. What makes it particularly hard to believe that I appear to be #5 is my esteemed competition--those four above me--Stanford University, National Council on Aging, Fox 8 News, and Dr. Bill Thomas, founder of blog, a p