1st Try at Time Management a Huge Success

Last Update: May 05, 2014

Always been a rebel when it comes to time management, as in "I REBEL AGAINST IT" ! So with all the information overload I've been assaulting myself with here at WA in the past month and a half, for some odd reason these two words kept popping out at me everywhere I went at WA. Wondering why these two words kept staying at the forefront of my mind's eye, (besides the obvious spotting of them all over the WA site) , I began a somewhat semi-serious self-analysis as to why time management had developed into being such a bugaboo for me over the years and it came to me that it happened to also tie in directly with my boogieman of problems--- Goal Setting! Ahhh! But wait, I am getting ahead of myself here so I apologize... back to the serious matter of time management!

Self analysis is a tricky little game, fraught with pitfalls which we better not go into here, luckily for me I was able to determine that through my completely unprofessional and untrained analytical study, that I was feeling a form of "GUILT". Yes, you read me right, "GUILT". You see, I've been meeting all these wonderfully diverse, interesting, fascinating, groups of people here at WA who are kicking it with their hard work, dedication, and knowledge, and I was starting to feel like I was not doing my part or doing enough at this point. Yes, this is basically what I came up with, amazing, right? So, I decided I had to do something productive to make a start, so I came up with a plan to attack my bugaboo's head on.

I picked this past weekend to pull off the mother of all time management plans. We called off our normal weekend at the cabin routine, because I was going to do what this man had never done before......Produce content for my future niche website while at the same time constructing a much needed series of structures at the homestead while making a photo op of the whole operation while at the same time enjoying a day of the Ky. Derby. Saturday, I prepared the construction site, prepped the grounds, brought in the materials and photographed each stage of the operation while playing the horses and watching the Derby races on tv during breaks here and there. It was like no other Derby Day I have ever experienced and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I picked the winner of the Derby and won my personal derby against bugaboo with something called time management. On Sunday I constructed the finished product, took final photos and now have the starting content for one niche website.

Sometimes it is best to just face our bugaboos head on and take them on full force, especially the ones we have struggled with the longest. My Sincerest and heartfelt thanks go out to all the WA'ers who have been instrumental in providing me the encouragement, guidance, and wherewithal to consider the possibilities of change and growth.

Jack :)

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KatieMac Premium
well done I had a good time management schedule going until I had to go away, not as efficient but still trying to keep to the new one till I get back home... thanks for sharing your thoughts
wildcatblue2 Premium
Yes Katie, there are definitely times it works out and times it does not so much, but the key point is to keep trying, I think!
Berny W Premium
Conquered - time management.
necopam Premium
well written sir
petey 123 Premium
Very well said Jack. Faces your fears is awesome
Jen090 Premium
HI Jack, good on you. Congrats on facing your own 'demons' if I have to put it in a serious level (lol). You probably don't realize this, but a lot of member who'll read this will learn from your experience. Im following you now. Seeya.
wildcatblue2 Premium
Jen, It is a baby step no doubt, but a step in the right direction and I'll definitely take it, and if it helps even one other person out there, well, that is what we call around here, gravy!