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Last Update: September 10, 2017

Hello Everyone! As this is my first blog, I just want to take a moment to thank Kyle and Carson for establishing WA where we can share ideas that will do more than make us an income that can be generated no matter where we are on the planet. How awesome is that?!! Also, to thank all of you who are participating.

Please be patient with my writing. Hurricane Irma is trying to blow the steel shutters off of my window just 3 feet (1 meter) away.

Here is a brief background about my wife, Dr. Lizzie, and me.

Over the past ten years, my wife, a university professor with a PhD in Education, and I have been working diligently on our mission to help as many students as we can to be accepted by major universities with significant scholarships. I teach them how to earn high scores on their entrance exams, and my wife works with them to complete the application process. We each have our special talents and rely on each other to assure the success of our students. We have come to realize that success isn't about us at all. It's about how much we can help others, and, although we still charge a fee for our services, we really don't do this for the money. We do it because we want a better world . . . and we realize that our dream will only come to fruition through helping others realize their dreams.

Furthermore, we have come to realize that what we (people) believe becomes our reality, and that everything happens in the mind first. It takes education and effort to realize our dreams, but for many, something is sopping the learning process. That "something" is the self talk that programs our belief system. You see . . . although most of my students are at the top of their class, many are considered educable mentally handicapped. That means that they can be trained to do an activity, but will need supervision. These students have been diagnosed with either mental or physical handicaps that prevent them from learning as the "normal" (what I refer to as common) students learn. These diagnosis include limitations such as ADD, ADHD, and Dyslexia to name a few. It has been my experience that the natural course for educators is to address these students as mentally deficient. However, through my relationship with my students, I have discovered that many are quite brilliant and have have beautiful souls with a desire to reach out and help others. They often struggle with their education because they become frustrated by the educational system being employed today. The truth isn't that these students are incapable of learning, the truth is that they simply learn is non-traditional ways. When treated with respect and educated with consideration to their abilities, my students have proven to me that, not only can they learn, they become masters of success and tremendous givers to society.

In truth, one person can change the lives of many . . . Once a student, I will call her Mary, came to our academy. She was a young girl of 17yrs who was such a wonderful spirit that she brought a natural light with her wherever she went. She was beautiful but withdrawn. She could light up a room with her smile, but when it came to learning, she clouded up and withdrew into a shell. For her whole life, she had been kicked from school to school because she couldn't learn as the other students did. But . . . her mother never gave up hope. (That's how she found my wife and I. We were known for helping students who struggled with learning, and all of our students went to university.) I sat down and spoke to Mary, and then I began to listen to her. That young lady taught me so much about learning and education that I would have never could have learned in books. She is brilliant, but her mind simply doesn't work like most, and so she became very frustrated and withdrawn. Furthermore, her classmates made fun of her when she couldn't get the answers to common questions right. The combination of not understanding things easily, the teachers insistence that she was "retarded", and the taunting of her classmates created in Mary a belief that she couldn't do things that others could, and so she just went to school to please her mother. She had given up all hope on herself. If I wasn't so angry about how she had been brought so low, I would have cried.

Mary worked with me and taught me how to teach her. While at the academy, the teaching and learning went well, but Mary still struggled in her regular school. It was a mystery to me, and so she and I discussed her days at school and that is when I made the revelation that changed the course of my teaching. Mary didn't do well at school because she "believed" that she couldn't. You see . . . what we believe becomes our reality. Mary need to modify her self talk. That night I wrote a meditation for her and presented it to her during our next class. She took it and read it each day. In fact, she would carry it with her and read it throughout the day any time she felt that she was "not good enough". Over the course of the following months, Mary grew in self confidence and abilities until she became a competent student in her regular classes, and then on to become a very good student at a prominent university. By changing her belief, Mary changed her life.

Upon further study of my students, I have discovered that, no matter their lever of intelligence or academic prowess, each is limited by their belief system. Each shows limitations in some area at first do to erroneous self talk. It is this self talk that must be modified before we can learn.

And this brings us to the gift. This meditation truly works. In fact, my wife has a copy of it taped to her bathroom mirror and reads it each morning. Please copy, print and share this with as many people as much as you can. The more of us there are helping each other, the better this world will be.

Morning Meditation Affirmation

By William E. Hearn©

I am wonderful.

I am loved.

I am intelligent.

I am ready to learn something new.

When I know what to do

and know how to do it,

I can do anything I want to.

Each new thing I learn today

enables me to be more successful

in my future.

I am developing new skills for learning.

I am learning new ways to understand.

I am understanding more about myself

and of those around me.

This understanding enables me

to be a more effective communicator.

Good communication with others

is the ultimate way to success.

I am wonderful and so are you.

I am loved and I love.

I am intelligent and so are you.

I am ready to learn something new.

Thank you for your time. May you always find success and love wherever you may go.

Peace - William E. Hearn

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Prinz Premium
Thanks a lot for sharing this. I just shared it with my contacts on WhatsApp.

WHearn Premium
Thank you!
Kav Premium
Thanks for sharing this wonderful piece of life-changing writing.
1816sspi Premium
What a wonderful story William, I have printed your meditation and intend to attach it to my bathroom mirror and read it each day. Thanks for sharing
WHearn Premium
Hi Pauline. Thanks for the comment. I truly hope that the meditation helps you each day. It works for my wife, and to tell you the truth, I hear it often myself now through my students. It helps me to remember that not knowing something doesn't make me stupid. LOL

Now it's your turn. Please . . . tell me a story. I'll read it on your post.

Carol46 Premium
Thank you for your insights, William, and for the meditation which will be very helpful. Prayerful thoughts for your safety.
WHearn Premium
Thank you Carol. Every little thing helps. We survived the Hurricane unscathed. Your prayers are powerful!

pajinka28 Premium
Dekuji mic hezky napsano to nema chybu nebo co dodat
WHearn Premium
Děkujeme za vaše připomínky. Já jsem nový WA. Dostáváte překlad meditace? Používám službu Google Translate, abych vám odpověděl a doufám, že vám slyším víc.