Apple's New Update May Bring New Concerns

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If you have an Apple iPhone, you need to be aware of a new update.

Very recently, an urgent security update was launched for its operating systems to patch various vulnerabilities that are being “actively exploited by hackers.”

Here we go again.

All the latest updates are for iOS and iPad 17.1.2, macOS 14.1.2 and Safari 17.1.2.

The vulnerabilities were discovered by Big G’s Threat Analysis Group. In essence it is allowing hackers to implant spyware and other dangerous codes on peoples’ devices over the internet.

So, if you haven’t done so already, you’ll want to do this latest update.

In Here Lies The Concern

However, you should also be aware that this recent update is ringing alarm bells with police departments over the NameDrop feature.

What is NameDrop?

This feature allows users to share their contact, photos and personal details simply by holding two phones in close proximity. It's like an automatic sync.

And the new update turns NameDrop on automatically as its default. In other words, if you don’t want the possibility of someone syncing up to your phone, you will need to turn this feature OFF.

Why Should You Care?

Of course Apple is marketing this ever so time saving technique as a convenience feature. But one has to question have we really become too lazy to now type in someone’s contact info when we want to?

People with children and elders ought to take note for safety’s sake as their loved ones could inadvertently allow a stranger with bad intentions to capture their photo and personal information.

Although police are cautioning everyone to be aware of this feature, Apple says that personal details cannot be captured without swiping on the bottom of the display to unlock the device.

However, imagine a situation where a kid may be in a crowd (such as riding a busy subway) and they receive a link to connect with someone shady who may have changed their photo to look like another child of interest? Would you want to take that chance?

It’s easy to be duped. So why take unnecessary chances. Use your fingers to type in a contact if you need to. Simply avoid agreeing to NameDrop. And protect your unsuspecting children, elderly parents or yourself from temptation.

How to Turn OFF NameDrop

Go to your Settings. Then tap General.

Tap AirDrop.

Go to “Start Sharing by…Bringing Devices Together”

Then toggle to the OFF position.

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Great post, Susan! Is it the same for Android users or just apple?

Myra 💜

This is strictly for Apple products, Myra. I’m not sure if Android has a similar feature but if you have an iPhone you will have this and some people may not be aware. Luckily it’s easy to disable. Thanks for dropping by!

Susan 😎

Oh okay, Susan. Thanks for letting me know. :)

Myra 😎

You’re very welcome, Myra. Are you on apple or android?

Susan 😎

Android mostly. I do wish to get an Apple iPad maybe one of these days. 😎

Myra 💜

Thanks, Myra. If you can, I'm sure you would enjoy one. 🤜🏻💥🤛🏻😎

You're welcome, Susan! Hopefully, yes! 😁

Myra 💜

Good article, thanks for sharing. Have a great day Thursday 😀.


Thanks Larry…my pleasure. Happy Thursday to you too!

Susan 😁

West, 😊 thank you.


You’re very welcome, Larry. 😉

Hi Susan

Great heads-up! 👍👍😎

I share you concerns and disabled NameDrop when I installed our updates.

Near field communication (NFC) technology always comes with inherent risks and benefits.

Rock On! 🤘
Frank 🎸

Hi Frank...thanks so much. We need to remain vigilant.

I disabled it as well. Thanks for dropping by and weighing in. :-))

Rock On! 😎🎸🤘

You’re welcome, Susan.

Always a pleasure to read and reply to your posts! 😎

Frank 🤘🎸

Most appreciated, Frank and the feeling is mutual! Hope you’re enjoying your evening.

Susan 😎🎸🤘

I am, Susan, and I hope you are, too. 😎

Frank 🤘🎸

Awesome, Frank! Time to visit Morpheus soon lol.

Susan 🎸🤘😴

Haha, true, but I never seem to get to sleep before 1AM. Lol 🥱💤😴

Good Night, Susan.🤘🎸

I’m often the same way, Frank! Busy minds lol. Hope you had a good sleep.

Too busy doing the things I enjoy, Susan! Lol 😎

Frank 🤘🎸

That's the only way to be, Frank!! Keep on strummin' lol. 😎🎸🤘

Haha, I will, Susan! 😎

Frank 🤘🎸

The digital world can certainly be a scary one Susan...

You know very well that I stopped using Apple products a while back, but this info is important no matter what we use...

Take care dear friend and the update is much appreciated as always! :-))

I agree, Nick. Scary world we live in. Just hoping to shed some light on something someone may not be aware of in hopes that it could help. Thanks so much for your thoughts and comments as always.

Take care dear friend. :-)) 🥂🤗

Scary indeed Susan and I am certain that this info has helped many!

Much appreciated my dear friend, you to!!


Most appreciated!! 🤗🥂👍


All of mine have been set off a long time ago before the updates, so I never use those things. I never use air drop or name drop, I have no use for that. all mine are kept under privacy rules, either no follow or anything. Thanks for warning others about it.

Smart move. Some may be unaware as is often the case with children and those who are trusting or non-techy. Thanks, Brenda.

Sure no problem.

Susanoi, thanks for the heads up :)

More than welcome, Abioi. And please enjoy a cuppa on the house as first responder. :-))

Wow, I am honored, Susanoi :) Deliciousness-ly Thank you :)

Glad you enjoyed it, Abioi! :-)) 🤗😎

I did :) Can I top up? please 🙏😍🎉😁Thanks, Susanoi!

For you, of course! Time to have something even better. Please share with me and hope you like :-)) 😉🤗😍

Wow, Susanoi :) I am honored... I love them; thank you so much!

Awesomeness, Abioi...most welcome :-))

Thanks again :)

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