7 Ways of Building Relationships!

Last Update: April 09, 2020

Building Relationships!

In building our business whether it's in person or online there are many ways to do it.

I have only listed 7, yet there are many more, and I encourage you to comment below which are the main ones you use online or directly face to face.

1. Get to know them... Really !

Getting to know someone is more than just taking an order if you are face to face, but how about online? We can give them a subscription to sign up for, and this could include a phone number, email or a comment section. How about a survey to understand what other product they would like or perhaps other interests.

2. Ask questions... listen and read the answers.

We have possibly asked when we are getting to know them, but perhaps you should ask questions based on their initial comments or the survey or comment form they completed.

3. Create interest for them.... Connect with what's important for them!

So many times from the answers we are given from the questions we asked, we still give them basic answers towards a sales pitch instead of really showing we care. Really show concern, by giving more information than perhaps they wanted not about us only.

4.Embellish what's missing for them..... help make it more real.

Assist them in what is missing. In other wards show how it's real with perhaps an example that you understand what they are going through, and reason why.

5. Share the benefits.....of the product, company, AND or the opportunity

The product you are sharing about should not only be explained, but also give the benefits to the buyer or person who is deciding to become a part of the opportunity, service or use of the specific product. Showing the importance is helping them make a decision.

6.Tell Stories...... "prove" the benefits: Ground your "claims" in facts.

Give testimonies of those who have been successful with this opportunity, product or service. Show your enthusiasm throughout in how you say or word it.

7.If there are further objections... Embellish them some more, yet also make sure they are heard thought what is said.

Now you need to have a final call to action or answer any objections in person if not online.

Trust is acquired though this whole process and will increase your conversion and opportunity to move your customer or referral to a decision.

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JeffreyBrown Premium
Great post, Bill! Thanks for sharing!

Have a safe weekend!

Wdcope Premium
thanks Jeff. You also
JeffreyBrown Premium
I plan to, Bill!
Debbi26 Premium
Yes, it is all about relationships and the trust created through them.
FKelso Premium
These are good suggestions. It is important to try to build a relationship with your customer because that is what will bring them back to you.
Wdcope Premium
Thanks Fran
BrendaMZ Premium Plus
Building relationships with customers online is tougher than face to face marketing in sales. Yes, it requires more work to build trust via the Internet.
Wdcope Premium
Online is harder for sure I agree When I first went to manage my call center team virtually, it took us all a different approach to be able to keep the quality training we had in person. Out side of the box thinking worked well though.
gnoose Premium
Good points, thanks for sharing.

Wdcope Premium
Glad you liked it.