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Last Update: Apr 5, 2021

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Like Spring, I am springing back. Previously I have written about the balance we should have in our daily lives.

This balance includes both work, family and passions. For several months, family, health and passions have taken me away from Wealthy Affiliate.

Many changes in my immediate family and also several health issues for myself needed taken care of and also much site work to become more profitable online.

Posting here took a back seat to articles being written and traffic to these sites. I realize I could speak of all that here, yet I choose to not do this since I feel it's not productive when I write all my own articles vs having someone doing them for me.

Recently I have been working on traffic methods on several social platforms which also take time.

I have now carved out some time and will be posting and commenting more frequently.

The newness of spring brings fresh smells and more balance overall to many and it's one of my favorite seasons.

How about you? Are you coming out of a cold winter or maybe just some time of doldrums that have held you back or perhaps just an unbalance?

I am re- energized and ready to move forward with everything coming together just like the seasons.

Wish the best to everyone finding their balance and newness in all things.


Recent Comments


Good to see you back, Bill!
And energized.
Great start of the week!
Best wishes,

Yes Bill everything needs prioritized. Family must come first.

Glad to see you back, Bill.
Writing content does take a great deal of time away from the platform. I'm going through that phase now.


I love your blog. It gives me hope for when we will have our spring

Yes actually we were swarmed with guests this Easter weekend but we made it alive, had to go and help Dad.

Interestingly it was fun.

Thanks for asking and awesome blog post.

Hope speedy recovery.

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