Facebook keeps asking if I know different people

Last Update: February 19, 2017

So, how do I put a stop to this?

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Freedomseekr Premium
I've gotten these before, but I usually don't pay them any mind...I keep getting these in my emails and just delete them actually...I'm rather leery of clicking links in emails unless I know for sure it's from the actual FB or not. I'd check the sender address first if these are in your emails before clicking any links.

Otherwise, If I'm on Face Book itself and I see someone that I'd like to be a "friend" with on FB that I know, I'll just send them a friend request then saying who I am and how I know them.

I think FB sends emails asking if we know certain people that for some reason, FB thinks we might know, so we can find them on there and be "friends"...if that makes any sense, lol.

Anyways, there might be a setting in your FB account for notifications that you could change on this...however, I'm not sure since I'm not on FB too often, but if I find out I'll let you know.

Hopefully, you can get this sorted out.
Best wishes :) ~Sherry
Nikosth Premium
Did they ask you to provide some kind of ID in order to unblock your account? If they did you should wait a couple of weeks, then do the test where you identify people and they will probably unblock your account. They did that to me, i think it's a new thing (the last 2 months) Facebook does in order to collect more data. It all started i think with that fake news story and that now they have to verify everyone for our safety and nonsense like that.
wb5yjs Premium
No, none of that applies to my situation.
They just keep asking if I know different people.
Nikosth Premium
Okay, i don't think you can do anything about it just answer them but that's how it starts. At least in my case they did. You could try to stop posting for a few days or limit your posts.