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Last Update: July 29, 2018

There is some, what I think, useful training on SEO Fundamentals Course and it was published in April of this year. The instructor for the course is Greg Gifford. I am in the process of going through it for the second time as I missed a lot the first time. Many of you may have already seen this, but I thought I would share for those who have not. Here is some of what I have studied and I can share extra later on.

These parts here are on technical SEO. As Greg talks about in the first lesson "Technical SEO is the foundation to your entire SEO strategy – if your site isn't built or structured correctly, search engines have problems crawling and indexing your content."

The benefits of HTTPS


When users are interacting with your site, they expect a secure and private online experience. Google HTTPS helps protect your users' connection to your website. Even after you switch to HTTPS your site is still vulnerable to some issues. HTTPS gives a sense of security to users who access your site, especially when they are making a purchase.


HTTPS provides privacy for your site visitors. When users land on a site that does not use HTTPS, they may see the security warnings from Google, and this could make them leave your page sooner. Site owners could pay for clicks without any benefit.

Encryption, data integrity, and authentication

These are the three layers of protection for you and your users' data. The three reasons you need HTTPS.

Lower bounce rate

Having your site on HTTPS gives you a slight ranking boost. It is a fact the warning messages from Google can scare some visitors away.


Having HTTPS means your site adheres to Google Webmaster Guidelines. It helps your site gain a higher level of trust. Security equals trust and could mean more money.

Site Speed

The importance of site speed cannot be stressed enough. 50% of users expect a website to load in less than 2 seconds. Site speed is another ranking factor in Google. The three essential factors for page speed are time to first byte, total download time, and how long it takes to download fully. is a free website that we can use to get a thorough evaluation of our site speed. You can upgrade to the paid edition of the site, but I was able to increase my site speed considerably using the free edition. They also have an Affiliate Program of which I am not a part of, but I am going to look into as this site is loaded with useful information.

Thanks and Hope to Talk Soon

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