The Power of the Mind

Last Update: February 05, 2016

As I sat in Church today hearing this young Pastor share a very profound message on the power of the mind. I was really impressed by how everything he was sharing was from God's Word yet truly applied to what every one of us is trying to accomplish here at WA. There is so much truth in the aspect of positive thinking and how it really is best demonstrated in how we live.

Let me explain, and trust me, I am not going to preach, that would be a complete violation of everything that Kyle & Carson have established here. I completely respect Kyle & Carson for establishing that boundary, and yes it can & does cause a lot of division, and hard feelings. I have the utmost respect & honor for the WA Family, and I would never in any way look down on or make anyone feel insulted or offended. That would never be my intention.

He spoke about how we are to renew our minds, and how our minds control our behavior and actions. A good scenario was upon hearing that a young friend had just taken their life. This path for this young person began with a thought, and this thought turned into thoughts and developed into habits, which eventually took a path that was never intended.

Isn't this the same with building an online Business??? If we become frustrated, discouraged, unworthy, unable, and we allow these thoughts to stay, worse yet, entertain them. Won't they eventually begin to take shape in habits that we develop, and if left unchecked can lead us to a place we really didn't want to end up?

This would definitely explain why it is so vitally important to encourage, build up, and help our fellow WAers. I would personally never have made it this far if it were not for so many of you folks being there for me.

Below is a Memorandum of many here at WA who have offered their time, assistance, encouragement, feedback, and just plain friendship that has carried me through a few times of wishing I could walk away. This current job I have with the hours that I work and not having the time I would like to have to build this business has been very trying and quite overwhelming on more times than I really care to remember.

Tony Hamilton

Loes Knetsch





Zach Colestock

Ruth Chicago

Marion Black

Chris Laymon

Jeremy Wilson

Andre (Apache1)


Pat Tucker

PJ Germain

Paul Goodwin

Bradley (brad123)

Katie Mac


Sonia (SJB)




James (Jaweda2k)



Eric Kautz

Mark (Florida27)

Chris Gooden

Darren (Sherlock77)

Dave (dstaple14900)

Chittranjan (Phoenix2015)

Christian WA

Robert (Boomergp08)

Sarah (Believeitye

Jovo (Jvanres)



I know that there are many that I missed, but not that I do not deeply appreciate you. My heartfelt prayer is that I may continue to grow into being able to fuel & encourage many to go beyond what they believe they can do, and become successful at being you most of all, and building a successful business.

May God richly bless each and every one of you for being there.

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blanza Premium
Wayne since your speaking about the mind you may want to view my website
WindyCityUSA Premium
Well said, don't let political correctness impede your thoughts.
WayneStewart Premium
Yes sir, my Father isn't bound nor does He desire for us to be bound by what seems right to man. Thx, Luis
Sheila50 Premium
You are correct! I think that the community here is what keeps most of focused and they help us stay grounded!
WayneStewart Premium
Thank-you, Shiela, and you were heart wise included in this blog.
sxtrotter Premium
Wayne I love this blog and I also agree that the WA the epitome of positive energy and support.
WayneStewart Premium
Sxtrotter, you my man, are appreciated as well. Thx for your kind words.
Wayne66 Premium
Good day Wayne. Good blog but something seems to be missing. Maybe that was intentional because the list was probably toooooo...long to include everyone. There truly are a lot of people here that go out of their way to help the rest of us with issues and want us to succeed. I am thankful as well. Oh, and you are one of them. Thanks.
WayneStewart Premium
Yeah, I knew I was missing quite a few. Not intended, appreciate you ,Wayne