What a complete, utter mess I have made of WA and SAC to date.

Last Update: May 4, 2019

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I joined WA in January 2019 and went premium the second day. I could see from the start this was the place to really succeed if your serious.

I ended up doing all the wrong things first! Started training in Enturepure certification and I was doing ok.

However I let the greedy guy on my shoulder convince me to jump over to the Boot Camp training. My thoughts were it was going to take a lot of time to get anywhere. I thought by switching over I would be able to get some recruits and make some money faster.

Also believed I could work both at the same time. Please note that this doesn't work, you only get lost and confused. Everything says this will happen but I guess we just figure Not To Me.

So now my only choice is to start all over. Don't make this mistake Please!

Well moving right along the next thing that happened was a note from Kyle that I have been selected for this year's SAC, what a great honor this is. Now on top of messing up the original training I can now just start fresh.

I ended up getting further set back due to the scheduled knee replacement surgery. I have had many surgeries in the past and figured this to be the same.

Well again I have been proven wrong. This has and continues to be one of the most painful surgeries. I originally thought I would have a great deal of time to devote WA. Therapy and doctor visits, and just plain pain in the knee have created a rather severe case of Depression.

I just plain feel miserable and can't do justice to writing and research or anything really.

Now as if all this isn't enough I got another surprise from my wife on our way home from therapy Thursday. She informed me that our two year old great granddaughter was sitting with her at the table. Easily decided to close the laptop, just one problem the mouse was sitting on it so the screen shattered.

Well I hooked up an external monitor and we are back. In business. I wish I could say the story ends there but no such luck for me.

Sitting at the table with the wife going over email she somehow managed to knock over her glass of tea all over the keyboard. Next day the laptop will not boot up no matter what I try.

I took the cover off and tried to clean it and dry it but it's done for.

I now have to buy a new on as it was my main internet source.

Finally to summarize everything

At least two months behind in SAC

Need to spend more money and buy laptop

Have to go to therapy 3 times a week loosening 3 hours each day

Starting all over is really going to be tough

Now with all that I have to stay positive and focused and not let our members success stories make me feel like I should be doing better.

We have to accept doing things at our own pace is the only way to get to the goal we set.

I hope I haven't bored with this ranting.

Thanks and good luck Wayne

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I am sorry to hear about your bad luck, but it made me feel better. Would share my little problems with you if it would help.

It takes a special commitment to really get going online. Each of has to start over many times due to life events.

The ones who win don't let that hold them back. I lose a lot jumping from my printing website back to internet business site. I want to work only on my new sites, but have so many contacts in printing.

Than comes sickness in the family. God still blesses and the work is still going on.

Keep your chin up.

Sounds like you have had some extreme problems. I know about the knee surgery, as I have now had both of mine done, as well as a hip. It takes a while to get back on your feet (literally) so don't be too hard on yourself.

Yes, we all have to proceed at our own pace. If you have to go slow because the world is conspiring against you at the moment, so be it. Things will get better.

Hang in there! Do what you can do and don't worry about the rest.

Are we twin brothers, Wayne? I'll be 73 next week, bedridden since last October- knees finally gave out-especially the right one. Had six months of PT and was making great progress until the last two weeks of PT when I started having more pain in my right knee. Got a Bariatric Bed through my insurance about six weeks ago. It's too small, can't roll over to either side, need to buy fitted sheets for it, uncomfortable to sit in it when I raise it up, can't do my exercises in it.

Would love to have my old queen bed back but we gave it away. Gaining all the weight back that I lost during PT and then some more. Very painful on my tailbone to sit in my wheelchair. Haven't found a comfortable cushion yet (although it is on my list).

My wife wants me to go to a rehab center for more extensive treatment. But I would be looking at least 3 months there which would keep me from accomplishing my goals through WA. It would give her a well-deserved break from being my caregiver, besides having her own physical problems.

Although there are ways to make money fast in this business like finding really, really, really unique products to offer online; Kyle is right-if it is to be done right and to last, it takes time. Ya just can't have a baby overnight and then once it is born to tell it to get busy it's time for you to support me. Nope, we all know we have to pour our hearts and souls (and time and money) into the project if we are going to have any success. It's that incubation period that is so critical in getting a business off the ground.

We are awesome at WA.


Thanks very much my problem seems to be no where close to what you have gone through already.
I really hope things will improve for you and soon. Thanks Wayne

Hi Wayne, they say bad things come in three's...well sort of for you. I remember you telling me about your knee replacement I think scheduled about a week after I had these hernia's repaired. I think that knee replacement is worse from what I've heard.

I have found that working in the SAC has helped to keep my mind off the pain up to this point. I'm further along in recovery so I guess that's easy for me to say, right? I too am a little behind in my posts, but, I'm getting there slowly.

Just keep plugging along and things will even out, I promise. Keep us updated on your progress.


Hi Wayne sorry it seems that if it wasn't for bad luck you would have no luck at all. Not to be funny. Look starting over is better than quitting. Sure your behind but that's ok. Ps I don't believe in luck anyways.
One thing you might try if your able is to pack your laptop keyboard in rice. I heard this does wonders for cellphones at least try it, hopefully it will work cause you need a break form all that disaster. I'll be praying too that you can get back to work without too much trouble.
Still hoping for the best for you.

Hey Wayne, I'm so sorry what you've been through. Sometimes when you just write about it, it gets released.

You made a very valid point though, which is, "we have to accept doing things at our own pace"

Sometimes we can not control what happens in life, trust me I feel you cuz I got some stuff going on right now too.

You will get back on pace, being that life happens at times, it is part of building a business. You have to work through it and keep at it, which sounds like what you are doing.

All the best!

Oh wow. Not good news for you at all. You have definitely been through it, haven't you? I feel for you and pray for you also. I realize things are rough like that sometimes and now hopefully the worst is over.

Work through your therapy and get yourself better and work at the pace that is comfortable for you. But, whatever you do, don't let it get you down. We all have our ups and downs and we all work through them.

Take care of yourself. I wish you the best!


Wayne, I will not go into the issues like a heart which has delayed me a few days, but I am staying consistent, and not thrown off by the speed bumps along the eh way. In 68 years I have had my share, but I never say never, and you can with a plan, move through with new renewal and purpose.
Best to you in getting all this out of the way now. You will certainly hit more bumps ahead, but you will be more prepared now.

The temptation to jump ahead of yourself is great here on WA.... I am plodding along and letting it flow easily and naturally as when I went premium in January 19 I got great advice from lots of experts on here.... Things take time and I am sure you will be back on track soon... Kind regards Mike

The words, or at least some of them, from 'Pick yourself up'

Nothing is impossible I have found
For when my chin is on the ground
I pick myself up, dust myself off
Start all over again

Don't lose your confidence if you slip
Be grateful for a pleasant trip
And pick yourself up, dust yourself off
Start all over again

Draw a line under it all and start as you mean to go on. Sounds like you're up for it, many wouldn't be, so you have strength in character, you can do this.

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