1 month in, Lesson 2 almost done

Last Update: February 27, 2015

Hello Everyone! This is my first blog post in WA. I read at the end of course 2 that we should write about our experience thus far. So here's mine and I hope it helps some people in their journey (at least until the end of Course 2 anyway).

Like a lot of others, I believe that we all looked around for a credible site that could help us learn about affiliate marketing, and actually help us get from zero to something in our internet businesses. I began searching late December 2014 when another project of me and my dad went down the drain. I already felt the strain of all the years of work end up with nothing, so I thought it was a good time to start looking an earning avenue by myself.

I found out about affiliate marketing during that time and decided to pursue this business. I also spent countless hours on January 2015 researching about affiliate marketing by Googling "is it possible to make money online?" Did that happen to you too?

So I chose WA among all the other sites, went through some of the lessons, and decided to take the plunge and went premium on Jan 30, 2015.

Since then, I've learned so much between lessons 1 and 2. I won't write them down anymore since Kyle gave a great breakdown on Course 2 Lesson 10 of what we have learned thus far.

I would have never imagined that I could learn as much in such a short amount of time if I did it all by myself. On top of that, I'm pretty sure that I'd be spending more because I'd be hiring programmers to build a site for me (and that's money that I am not capable of shelling out right now).

Now I do believe that I'm going at it all a bit slower than I should be. Finishing Course 2 in a month is probably slow by WA standards. I see some people make so many posts on a weekly basis, and it really makes me quite envious and amazed at how you guys could be posting so much in such a short period of time. I honestly have to research for maybe a day, and write on another day. And Course 2 actually took me about 3 weeks to finish. Then I got sick for a week and was so frustrated that I couldn't get any work done.

But in all the above text that looks like whining, I wanted to show everyone that in life, stuff happens that we cannot control. It happens to me as much as it happens to anyone. But for me, what is important thing to keep in mind is to hang on to our dreams and take pride in our work. We will tend to compare ourselves to others, but it's important to keep our goals with us to push us forward. So print that goal sheet and stick it to the wall :D

This probably is the perfect time to say that this is a marathon, not a race. We all have our own speed and own time to work on our businesses. And and the great thing about being with WA? it's a marathon where the community pulls you up, instead of pushes you down. So I get a lot of encouragement from you guys, your encouragements and personal achievements also helps drive me to become better. so thank you, people of the WA community :)

I'll be starting with Course 3 next week and hope to learn more and start monetizing my site. It sure is quite an exciting thing to move forward. And I hope we could all be going forward together in learning and earning.

Wow I think I've already wrote a wall of text. LoL. Here's my site if you're interested in looking at it.

In terms of success, this site is far from where it should be, but I think I've made a great How to Make a Great French Press tutorial. Check it out if you have the time :)

My goals in the next three months would be to keep building up my site, start generating income from my site and start working towards getting my happy earning goal of 2,500 dollars per month.

And my goals for the next six months are:

  1. to be an authority in my first niche market
  2. to start/have started another niche market which I am eyeing
  3. to be earning a steady 2,500 dollars per month and start working towards the ecstatic goal of 15,000 dollars per month (big jump huh?)
  4. and once I've earned my happy financial goal, I'd want to start the affiliate bootcamp also, since I wanted to prove that I could earn first before embarking on that journey.
There it is! I hope this post was valuable to you guys as much as it was for me. Let's all keep working towards our goals. Good luck to us all and see you around :)
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danbarth87 Premium
Great post!
Thanks for sharing your goals. Wishing you the best!
warrickroy Premium
Thank you very much Dan :)