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Course 4 is almost done. I'm really taking a slow time in learning the content as it's almost 3 months after my membership date. I still consider myself very new in the blogging industry, so stopping now is no option. I'm sure everyone goes through this phase when it looks like you have to scale a huge mountain and sometimes feel overwhelmed. Looking at other blogs in the past, I've felt that my content was subpar to what they churned out. But I just kept going on and worked at my blog. I know t
Hello Everyone! This is my first blog post in WA. I read at the end of course 2 that we should write about our experience thus far. So here's mine and I hope it helps some people in their journey (at least until the end of Course 2 anyway). Like a lot of others, I believe that we all looked around for a credible site that could help us learn about affiliate marketing, and actually help us get from zero to something in our internet businesses. I began searching late December 2014 when another pr