Got to stop my adventure in WA for awhile

Last Update: January 04, 2014

I don't have enough money to continue my subscription with WA.

I will be on a temporary hiatus from WA until I can get enough money to resubscribe.

Thanks for the help everyone along my one month here. Wishing you good luck in all your endeavours.

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boomergp08 Premium
Sorry to hear that. Just remember to continue to write content and go up on Google+ and learn what you can from there, that's free education. Plus if you have followed any of us on Google+ you can see our posts on there.

And if you have anything laying around that you no longer use, try selling it on eBay or Craigslist or where ever. If you can make $359 you can resubscribe to WA for a whole year.

Best of luck to you!
zsavage03 Premium
That's too bad man, I hope you can get situated and can return. It's truly a great learning experience.
BIS Premium
I'm sorry to hear that. Hope you can hurry back soon. If you have your own domain site - hosted here at WA - you have 30 days in which to move it, after your subscription ends. Take care and hope to see you again soon.
wanzulfikri Premium
Yah, I'm reluctant to unsubscribe but considering my financial status, I have no choice.

Hope to see you again too.