Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?

Last Update: May 20, 2014

So I'm being a bit controversial with my heading :-)

But this is a question I had to ask myself, if I'm going to encourage other people to join. I think the continued training is very valuable already, but I underestimated the value of having unlimited hosted websites with the website builder.

I just received a email from a promotion for another affiliate site building service. Take a look at the pricing and compare to what WA Premium has to offer:

I have no idea what kind of training they offer, but it seems to be one of those magical push button solutions, offering guaranteed affiliate success. We know better than that, thanks to WA.

So yes, WA Premium is definitely worth it in my opinion, I have yet to come across anything that matches it for that price!

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Kyle Premium
And that is hosting only. For a true comparison to the type hosting we offer here (not including the website builder, not including the education, the tools, the support, the website reviews, the community, and the expert help), check out a blog post I did on this subject.

When we incorporate or add something here within WA, you can be sure that we are offering something of the highest quality.

Thanks for your ongoing support Waldo, I can assure you that we are only going to continue getting better and pushing the limits of what technology can do and what we can offer members here within the community. :)
Waldo P Premium
That post was an eye opener Kyle.

I don't understand the technical details of it all, but it is very reassuring to know that you apply the same standard for your members as you would use for yourself.

One more benefit of WA, where else would the co-founder reply to directly to your blog? :)
Kyle Premium
We only build stuff we would use, that is the approach we have always taken to WA and will continue to take. If we do this, we know others will benefit from our services in an extraordinary sort of way.

And of course, we are active here...we have a stake in the community here at WA. It is our passion, our baby...and there is nothing more gratifying at the end of the day to see someone else get their first sale online or turn their passion into a full time business. :)