Keyword Canine 3.0 vs Jaaxy Review of the main differences & similarities

Last Update: October 08, 2015

Anyone curious about Jonathan Leger latest product launch called Keyword Canine 3.0? I have decided to take the lifetime membership and try it out for the initial 30 days guarantee. I thought I would do a brief comparison of the main differences between Keyword Canine and Jaaxy for those of you who are curious, and save you having to try it out for yourself.

Price and cost comparison:

Currently there are some launch specials running, so it’s hard to compare. But based on what the website claims, the post launch prices will be similar to Jaaxy Enterprise levels. So there is are level options, just payment plans. And no free trial either.

Beware the catch though!! What is not apparent from the sales page is that Keyword Canine 3.0 is a credit based system. You get 5,000 per month included. Unused credits will expire and don’t roll over to the next month.

I have played around with some keyword research, and blasted through 100 credits in no time. Every action, search, dig etc. will cost you a certain number of credits, based on the number of actions and keywords. If you are doing mass research or starting at a basic level, you will likely have to purchase top-up credits.

UPDATE: Here us the breakdown of the credit costs for each action:

ToolCreditsDomain Dashboard1 credit per domain per dayKeyword Explorer1 credit to Explore the keywords
5 credits per keyword to get the ranking difficulty
10 credits to do a full keyword analysisBacklink Report2 credits + 2 credits for every 5 links returned in the report
(example: a report with 200 links will cost 82 credits)
The most links a report will return is 1,000 (402 credits)Rank Tracker1 credit per keyword + country tracked per daySearch Digger5 credits each time you run the tool
(but you can run it as long as you like each time)Keyword Optimizer5 credits for each URL / Text / Query analysis

What does it do different?

I will admit that Keyword Canine 3.0 has some nice features with regards to tracking your website’s ranking. It will check every day, as opposed to checking manually in Jaaxy, and display your results in a dashboard. The Keyword Explorer produces more long tail keyword suggestions than Jaaxy. That being said, after I selected a bunch and plugged them into the Keyword Analyser (at a credit cost, of course), the majority of them had no search volume according the tool. The product also includes a backlink report, but I don’t rely on backlinks for ranking so not really that interested.

What do I think?

Its early days still and I have to explore a bit more before the money back guarantee expires. I will update with more info if anyone is interested

But it seems to me that once again it’s clear that you don’t need anything more than what Kyle and Carson already provide here at Wealthy Affiliate. Maybe I need to evaluate myself and check if that shiny object syndrome is still lingering...

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Waldo P Premium

So here is the explanation of the credit system works:

Warning: If you ever choose to do a 'Bulk Analyze', it can burn 300+ credits in one go!
Kav Premium
Thanks for this.
Kav Premium
Thanks for the review. I am still not clear about the credits and would need to look at it more closely.
There are some additional bonuses, are these worth it?
Waldo P Premium
In my experience, the bonuses are simply a from of bait because everyone expects it these days for every launch. I don't even bother looking at them, the product should be worth the price, regardless the bonuses.
AnsahPhD Premium
Thanks for the Evaluation. Your post actually came up number 3 on google when I did a search about the credit system which you clearly explained. so well done on both counts! (Just had a Eureka moment why I am beginning to love WA more and more!)

I am seriously thinking of purchasing Keyword Canine, to be fare I have had my eye on this software for the last 4/5 years and this is probably the best offer he has come up with. Most times he releases it then removes it from the market, Jonathan Ledger is a respectable marketer in my opinion.

The features you are getting under one 'roof' I think is very good for the price. very robust and comprehensive tool.

I am not using jaxxy but was considering purchasing it, at the moment I am steered towards keyword canine. Jaxxy does look the business though - speed wise - can't fault the software, plus it's SaaS based so can access it anywhere, which is priceless!
Thanks for your help. Much appreciated :-)
Waldo P Premium
Yes, the lifetime access is a big bonus. I think I am a bit biased against products that use Google's keyword planner. I find Jaaxy data a bit more reliable. But one big advantage of Keyword Canine is that it seems able to handle foreign language keywords pretty well.

The credit system is a bit strange, and I'm still trying to get my head around it. It does put me off from just playing around with it, which is what you need sometimes to find a good keyword.
angel688 Premium
Good evaluation between Jaaxy and Keyword Canine 3.0 I am also using keyword tool that is provided here. Would also like an comparison between the three.
ArmaniTol Premium
Hi Waldo. Nice evaluation you have here about the comparison between Jaaxy and Keyword Canine 3.0. I was thinking about purchasing the Enterprise version of Jaaxy, but I thought the $499/year (or $49/month) was a bit too steep to pay. Instead, I've just stuck to using the Keyword Tool provided here at WA. I'd like to know, how you compare the Keyword Tool to Keyword Canine and Jaaxy. Also, I'm curious, as to how bright is that shiny object still lingering?
Waldo P Premium
I have not actually used the WA keyword tool, just jumped straight into Jaaxy. But I might take a look at it and see how it compares.