My first page 1 rankings on Google

Last Update: September 03, 2014

I have been a bit busy lately and have not been working on my affiliate bootcamp site for a while.

So I was quite surprised when checked in on my page rank, and saw that I'm now ranking on page 1 of Google for 2 of my targeted keywords (position 5 & 8 at the moment).

I wanted to share this with anyone who might be having doubts if you're not seeing results in the beginning. My 1st site is a bit all over the place and I changed direction a few times, but over time my rankings kept improving as kept coming back to the bootcamp training.

So leave the rankings to take care of itself and keep going to tick some boxes in your training courses!

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Stonefox Premium
Congrats! That is great news! Best regards to you.
Tallell97 Premium
Congratulations on your ranking. I was stressing out a bit over mine as after 2 weeks it was on page 5 but since then it went down to 9, then 10 then even further (not quite sure where as I didn't bother searching) so I decided to forget about it and just focus on working on my content. Just read your post now and decided to have a quick peek and I am on Page 4, so things are definitely looking up :)
KevinYoung Premium
Fantastic news. Congrats!