10 Ways SiteContent Could Be Improved And Become My Go-to Writing Platform

Last Update: June 10, 2017

I was playing around with SiteContent today, and watched Kyle's training on it as well. It's definitely a fantastic platform with huge potential.

But it's not my go-to writing platform for a number of reasons. Before I use it exclusively instead of MS Word, I'd like to see several different enhancements introduced. These include:


1. Option to make the text editor full screen (this will eliminate distractions such as a new notification).

2. Text (code) tab like in WordPress. Grace (littlemama) suggested this recently as well.

3. Offline capabilities somehow? So even when you're offline, you could use SiteContent like normal, except that you wouldn't be able to publish your article(s). That part would obviously require an internet connection.

4. Make the editor accessible in fewer clicks. For example, from the dashboard page, it takes 4 clicks to access it. SiteRubix >> SiteContent >> Create New >> Start a Blank Document. It seems like there could be a way to streamline this and get it down to just a couple clicks.

5. Include more H tags. I see SiteContent only offers H1, H2, and H3 tags. I occasionally find myself in need of an H4 or H5 though, so in those instances SiteContent wouldn't be of any help.

6. Have an "Add Media" button like in WordPress. (I believe this feature is being worked on, but just thought I'd mention it since it's extremely necessary).

7. Add a Blockquote button. I frequently find myself quoting someone/something, and that would be more difficult to do without a Blockquote button.

8. Have align left, align center, and align right buttons.

9. Include "Text Color" as an option. This does come in handy fairly frequently.

10. Support "Save as Draft" and "Preview" features. Both are a necessity for me, and without them I'll have to log on to WordPress to use them, and in that case I might as well ONLY write in WordPress since it's got all the features I need anyway.


There are probably more improvements I could list, but these 10 are the first that jumped out at me.

Hopefully these features will be added to SiteContent in the near future. It's already a great platform, but these would truly put it in a league of its own.

With that, I'd like to thank Kyle, Carson, and the whole WA team on a great new feature which will undoubtedly help many more begin to see success online.


What are some features you'd like to see added to SiteContent? Or is it already perfect? Let me know your thoughts!

Wishing you success. :)


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ElwinDutton Premium
Thanks for posting. It would be great to see some of those features.
waian Premium
You're welcome. Hope they roll these out. :)
SteveWalker Premium
Wonderful suggestions! I agree.
waian Premium
Good to hear. Hopefully we'll see these implemented soon. :)
drcmaint Premium
This sounds good. Thanks for this.
waian Premium
You're welcome. :)
MKearns Premium
Great info Waian, Thanks for posting!
waian Premium
You're welcome, Michael. :)