Wordpress Now Require Websites to Have HTTPS:

Last Update: September 06, 2017

Wordpress Now Require Websites to Have HTTPS://

Do your have https or SSL on your site enabled?

Wordpress founder (Matt Mullenweg) announced their transitions to SSL in 2017.

Now all websites built on their platform must have HTTPS. They clearly stated, that just as JavaScript is a necessity for user experience and PHP(7) versions are critical for performance, so is SSL.

SSL basically means the link between a browser and the serve is encrypted.

Important things to noted is :

(1) Google weigh SSL as a search engine ranking factor and

(2) Flag encrypted sites in Chrome. And

(3) They only promote hosting partners that provide SSL by default, like us here at WA.

We know security is a top priority for Google. They have invested a lot to secure our online presence giving us who use their Search, G mail, Drive automatic secured connections and other components of the Internet.

  1. Google created resources to help Webmasters prevent and fix security breaches.
  2. At Google I/O they implemented "HTTPS Everywhere" on the web.
  3. Encourage Webmasters to adopt HTTPS/TLS (Transport Layer Security).
  4. They have started to use HTTPS as a ranking signal.
  5. Their goal is to strengthen it to encourage all website owners to switch.
  6. Another feature will include best practices.
  7. Learn how to move your site with URL changes

Migrating from HTTP to HTTPS follow these best practices

  1. Encryption
  2. Data Integrity
  3. Authentication
  4. Should your or should your not use robust security certificates
  5. Using server-side 301 redirects
  6. Verify that your site is crawlable and can be indexed by Google
  7. Consider using HSTS (What is it)

Click here to learn more SSL/TLS Deployment Best Practices

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