Sir, Stay Strong!

Last Update: May 06, 2018

This is off-topic, I even don't know how many of you heard for Sir Alex Ferguson, but I need to send a message also via this platform - Sir, I wish you a full recovery and you NEED to win this game like you've won many games in your life! My heart is with you, stay strong!

(actually, maybe it's not off-topic because this man is a live example of success, in any aspect of life).

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firstlearn Premium
Sir Alex is a living legend in the soccer world here in the UK. We all wish him a speedy recovery.

1signbanner Premium
Sir Alex Ferguson? Thank you Vrtovic, I'll look him up!

1signbanner Premium
OK, Vrtovic yep, he's a good man!

Thanks for shedding the light on this great man!

codevonish Premium
I heard the news on BBC I lived in Coventry moon ago and was a fan back then.
Maine3623 Premium
You know I am a Man U supporter, also lived in Scotland, so I am an ardent supporter of Man U's Scottish Manager, Sir Alex Ferguson. I am praying for his full recovery.
Nadja3 Premium
Agree... The success of Man.United is his success and vice versa.