What Do You Expect From Wealthy Affiliate?

Last Update: September 10, 2019

What Do You Expect From Wealthy Affiliate?

My Progress from January 2016 to the Present

Hello! It’s that time where I’m stopping to look back at my Wealthy Affiliate journey to see how things are looking from my view. Please leave your feedback and comments. Thanks!

Time really flies when you’re involved in preparing and processing your dream. January 2020 will be 4 years for me. I’m sure my journey is similar to others whereby I discontinued my membership for two years due to the passing of my parents. I putting this upfront just to encourage you because things do happen. You get knocked down in life but the successes come by the way you get up, dust yourself off, and continue.

Yes, I had begun to make money around the thirteenth month and I was really excited because I had never made a dime online until then. At this point this told me that I had either done something right or I had really messed up really bad. Just imagine, what I set out to do really had happened but, I didn’t get it by staying on the journey.

My short term goal to earn $6K monthly just wasn’t happening because I had outside distractions that made my goals seem as if they were the distraction. So I put my business on pause. People, death is a part of life that is not felt until it hits home, you really don’t know how your life is going to be affected.

What Have I learned?

Reflecting back on my journey, I’ve learned several things that led me to create my Performance Consulting business. I’m a very structured, love planning, researching, and executing man in that order. The problem is distractions got in the way and I wasn’t doing any of that. I lost my focus on the process, therefore, my confidence level began diminishing. I began jumping all over the target reaching for low hanging fruit that would make me money quick. I don’t have to tell you that it set me back 3 years, yes three years and it didn’t work.

Now that I’m back on track, I had to review my WA materials from beginning to where I paused in order to get back on track. I had to regain my focus and decide what the best route would be in order for me to bring things up to the present time. Bottom line is I almost had to start all over.

There is some good that came out of my detour. I received a Google certification and I learned how to align my business digitally. The bad thing is, it’s all right here in the Wealthy Affiliate program. Had I stuck with it I would have been doing what I just spent an ungodly amount of money for where I was only spending $47 monthly for. Think about it, $47 per month versus an extra $500 -$700 that could have been used for paying for FB Ads, solo ads, or Google ads.


You have to trust something in this business whether it is your skills, God, your business partner, or something that will get you there. Here I place my trust in God and the business process. I’m not suggesting that you have to believe in God, that’s your choice and your beliefs. This is my story, my beliefs, and my trust.

The WA business process, I found out, is developing and teaching us in bite-size lessons. I paid a lot of money to learn that I already knew the material and already learned it in WA. How stupid do you think I felt? The last program actually brought right up to the next set of lessons that I was going to take anyway in WA. I spent money because I lost time and thought I could speed up the process with another program, not so. Trust the process and the business.


We are entering a competitive season whereby everyone is creating glitter! Your premium program is only $47 monthly and has at least a $20,000.00 value. Stay with the process and trust it. Take things one step at a time and learn it. Don’t skip over anything. There’s a heavy price to pay for reaching and a cost to pay for coming back. We are part of a great community so don’t take it for granted. Use it and it will pay you.


“Always Progress!”

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JKulk1 Premium
Love the quote Von. Also , very glad you decided to stick it out
I wish that I had listened to what the WA training and training from my fellow members was telling me when I joined. You can be sure I'm listening now. Jim
Joy3 Premium
Love this
Carson2 Premium
Thank you Von. It's definitely a season coming up that can make a big difference.
BarbaraBC Premium
I like the St. Francis quote. It caught my eye. And I appreciate your insight that life can derail us. I just had surgery and am slowly recovering. But I will get back on track. Haven't made money yet, but I am confident I will as I apply all the learning.
VonWright Premium
Barbara, I too, am recovering from another asthma attack. I have been out since July 8 and told I can return to work Nov 4. I'm taking this opportunity to reflect, relearn, redirect, and execute.

I have made money and I will say to you stay with the process and don't skip around. I would have accomplished that earlier if I had faith then, in the process instead of trying to get there quicker.

Thanks for your comment!

"Always Progress!"