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What Are You Doing?Okay, we all know that there is a pandemic so we don't have to discuss the issues surrounding this devastating time in our lives. There's no reason to discuss how stressed you are with the unknown. The unknowns like will I have a job tomorrow, are we going to be faced with cut-backs, lay-offs, etc. We've seen these problems all around us. So my question is, "What are you doing about it?"These times are an opportunity if you open your eyes. A lot of our economy is working from
May 08, 2020
Hello my Wealthy Affiliate family and friends! Once again, I've been down with an illness that will be told later in my story,in my book that I have started, and of course stay tuned to my blog, "imnotreadyforretirement!". Just know that you've been missed, appreciated, worth every moment and struggle just to get this account back up. Take care and be safe everyone. "Always Progress!"
What Do You Expect From Wealthy Affiliate?My Progress from January 2016 to the PresentHello! It’s that time where I’m stopping to look back at my Wealthy Affiliate journey to see how things are looking from my view. Please leave your feedback and comments. Thanks!Time really flies when you’re involved in preparing and processing your dream. January 2020 will be 4 years for me. I’m sure my journey is similar to others whereby I discontinued my membership for two years due
September 06, 2019
If you are like the many people who have realized that they need additional income, you're excited and full of passion about starting a business, being successful, becoming financially stable, and obtaining your goal of living a new lifestyle with the freedom to do whatever you want to do when you want to do it. All of that is great except you have to learn how to successfully build relationships in order to build your business. How do you or are you going to do that? Are you willing to sacrifi
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We are all guilty of chasing the next best thing trying to get to the end without the journey. WA is a journey with a process! Commit to the process and the business model. Every shiny object that you come out of your pocket to purchase is costing more than the premium monthly payment. Review the course content and you will see that somewhere on the journey you will be approaching the same thing and a course about that "shiny object" you are purchasing. You just have to follow the process.Your
April 09, 2019
What Channel Are You On?Okay, things don't always go well in our lives. I'm living proof. I was just reminded that it has been 7 years, April 2, 2012, since I had my near death first asthma attack. My life changed tremendously from athletic to thinking about athletics. I'm going back and forth to doctors trying to improve my breathing. As I type this, I'm home from work because of my breathing. I just had to think about this for one moment and it clicked! That was another channel! That was the
April 20, 2018
My 1st Commission!Today is just another milestone in my journey to success. I joined Wealthy Affiliate Jan 2016 and I worked pretty good until Oct 2016 when my mother passed. I hadn't touch the program since. I rejoined this year and came back with a more intense focus. I began seeing things in the program that weren't so obvious in the beginning. I've spent less time doing the right things and I received the message that I've been waiting for from Kyle! "Congrats on your 1st Sale!" Wow! Can't
January 06, 2018
Well, we'll, well! I have many accomplishments in my life but this has true meaning to me. I'm still living and loving my dream of leadership! Thanks to all of my supporters and contributors here at Wealthy Affiliate who have motivated me to keep striving for my 1st signing Premium member. Thanks for the recognition!
I've been asked on several occasions the same question in various ways about starting Home Based Businesses. So I'm going to share some important information over the next few weeks about "How To Start A Home Based Business" especially for you Baby Boomers.How To Start A Home Based BusinessFirst of all, I don't believe in doing anything without a plan. I am a person who has a lot of things going on in my mind and prefers seeing it on paper or on the screen. Mind Mapping allows you to brainstor
October 30, 2017
Many of you have read my Bio and I have received many encouraging and confirming comments. I'm a leader and that's my business my niche. I've had setbacks and as any normal human being I lost some confidence in myself, wanted to blame others for my situation, and yes, I started being complacent with my existence. Sound familiar?When are/will you ask? You may be asking when and ask what? Well when are you going to begin:Encouraging yourself? You are your cheerleader when you decide to be an entr