What Channel Are You On?

Last Update: April 09, 2019

What Channel Are You On?

Okay, things don't always go well in our lives. I'm living proof. I was just reminded that it has been 7 years, April 2, 2012, since I had my near death first asthma attack. My life changed tremendously from athletic to thinking about athletics. I'm going back and forth to doctors trying to improve my breathing. As I type this, I'm home from work because of my breathing.

I just had to think about this for one moment and it clicked! That was another channel! That was the channel of the pity parties, the why me, why now, and how did this happen?

New channel.... I'm celebrating life! April 12, 2012, I walked across the stage at the Atlanta Convention Center to be hooded Vonnie D Wright MBA with concentrations in Project Management and Operations Management. I was able to see, hold, and smell my first grandchild. Life has bee good to me.

So I'm asking you, What Channel Are You On? Are you going to continue to roll around in your past or are you going to set your goals on your future and all that has been promised to you? I don't know what your religious beliefs are but as for me, I thank God for this opportunity to tell someone else that your life is ahead of you. Set a goal, a mark, and have a vision to live for. We all have a past and it's gone. Change the chanel and live forward!

"Always Progress!"

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Bibian2 Premium
True life message, I will never dwell in the past. I am going right a way to set my goal. Thanks for your information
EOPolini Premium
Great message, I'm with you. God bless!
VonWright Premium
Thank you!