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May 10, 2017
So, one day you get up and you think Oh this day is going to be great, You just have that feeling. But then as you day progresses ... one thing after another just doesn't go well. Well, I try to just step away from whatever it is that is bringing me to that bad place. I go read a Bible story, I especially like the parable about the Lost Son, found in Luke 15 11-13 -- it tells of a man who had 2 sons and the younger son asks his father for his share of his estate, and to tell it briefly, the
We all know that we have to exercise to keep our minds and bodies fit, but how do you work your body? I have a great way that I am working on and would love to share it with those who are looking for another way. Check out my blog on the 21 day fix program. love your opinion on my post. Thanks~~Vicky
I like to share my newest blog with everyone ~~ just a few quick recipes for some delicious snacking! Please comment with your thoughts!!
April 25, 2017
so COOL!!! I completed the first 10 Lessons!! I am feeling really good about it too!!
April 22, 2017
vlagattuta Premium 6 minutes agoSo Happy I have finished Lesson 7 .. Check out my newest article and please send me some comments!! Thanks everyone!!
April 12, 2017
so I have reached the next level and I am very excited to move forward onto my next venture in this process. I want to Thank everyone here at WA that has helped me and encouraged me. Talk to you all soon on my next level up!! YAY!!!
March 26, 2017
I have gotten farther than I thought I would. I am looking forward to making it to the point of creating an income on something I love doing. Thanks!
March 22, 2017
SO my first business website is up -- Hopefully all goes well and we move forward accordingly. Still need to write something related to my chosen niche and I dont know what these tags is below -- but I'm gonna wing it!